Sunday, 29 December 2013

Animation Kingdom Cosplay at DATC UiTM ShahAlam (13Dec)

It's a late update I know shadap :P

So, on 13 December; Friday, I went to another event held in UiTM, which organized by Faculty of Film, Theater and Animation at Dewan Agong Tuanku Cancelor (DATC). It was said to be held from 11a.m until 5p.m, and I had class on Friday from 10:30a.m until 12.30p.m. Fateen and I were hoping for our lecturer to finish the class earlier, and guess what? She did. Yay! XD

We went back to our dorm quickly, and began to prepare ourselves. I had decided to cosplay as Hatsune Miku Secret Police version, since I won't cosplay her during Comic Fiesta. And my friend decided to cosplay her character for Comic Fiesta. Perhaps she wanted to experiment first, who knows. *rolls off*

Around 1:30p.m, I went to my another friend; Sakina's room as to ask for her help to do my make-up. And yes, she had been experimenting make-up on me since the first day she knew I cosplay. :v

Obviously, make-up takes quite some times so we finished around 3:00 (since Saki did make-up for Fateen too), and we were ready to go. Saki didn't go with us, because she wanted to sleep; as what she said. 

So, with bag contained wig and make-up, and my costume draped over my arm, Fateen and I went to the event by walking since we didn't want to frighten off 'normal' people with our make-up. I swear if people saw us at that time, they would back away in fear. "Who would wear sparkling turquoise contact lens on daily basis anyway?" That would be what 'normal' people think. :v

As we arrived at the venue, we noticed there were not many people, unlike the number of people who said they were going at Facebook. Maybe they went back already? We decided to settle on that thought, until when we registered for cosplayer attendance, we saw that we were the fourth and the fifth one. 

That was really baffled us, but then we settled on "It's Friday, there won't be people to come". 

 Wardahchi and Nabila who came to 'visit' us. I felt so loved. QvQ

 Teen, Wardahchi and I. Teen was complaining afterwards on how her wig kept on covering her eyes. XD

 Me, Nabila and Teen. Welp, you can see Teen's eye here. :v

Wardahchi and her crab. She was really attracted to that balloon crab that she wanted to take it back to dorm, but we couldn't do that. QnQ
#Oh sorry for the blurry image I took pictures with my phone. OTL

 See? How excited she was with all those balloons. XD
Well, I must say they were beautiful. The theme was 'Underwater World', and you could see various kind of underwater species there made of from balloon. See that orange balloon? It was an octopus. XD

Ami-senpai! *lovelove*
Unfortunately she was not cosplaying, because she just finished her test at 4p.m and straight away came to the event. *sniff* 

Somehow my skirt is too big for me, that it keep on sliding down. So I couldn't help but to keep on tugging it back to my waist. Wardahchi said I had created an alarm because whenever I felt the skirt slid down I started to flail and chant "Skirt, skirt, skirt, skirt, skirt!" and quickly shoved anything I was holding to her so I could tug it back. XD

I forgot to bring the most important weapon for cosplayer at that time. Le safety pins. :v

Anyway, I met another senpai-tachi; Aple-senpai and Coco-senpai who are Ami-senpai's friends, but both of them are APB (Akademi Pengajian Bahasa) students with EPC (English for Professional Communication) courses. :D 

It was an unfortunate because I didn't take picture with them huweee QAQ

And like JFest, people took pictures of us, but the pictures will not come out because they didn't know who are we. *sigh*

Oh welp. 

Thursday, 26 December 2013

JFest UiTM '13 (5Oct)

It's been a long time, eh? 

Another late update for the event that happened to me. Meh, with the so-called wifi connection at my dorm, I must say it is the main cause of me not updating my blog for such a long time. 

Okay, lame reason but whatever.

Still remember on how I complained about for not being able to go any ACG events this year except for Comic Fiesta on December? Well, it turned out I could go to one small event of it, at my own university. 

JFest was organized by Japanese Language Society UiTM Shah Alam on 5 Oct, Saturday. It was the third appearance of the event after it first debut last  two years, in which I didn't manage to attend as I was having semester break during that second time, and I was still in high school during it first appearance.

Feeling incredibly excited for being able to attend it, I decided to ask my classmates who have the same interest as me to join me (yes, I am very fortunate to have LOTS of classmates who are also anime fans, about half the class). 

JFest is a public event, where everyone can come, students or even outsiders. Another point for it, because I managed to meet my beloved Sammy there. We're kind of 'separated' as she's attending another university, at another area. (QnQ)

Anyway, I had co-curricular class at that time from 8-10 in the morning, while the admin told my friend; Fateen -who joined me- that we had to be there before 10 as she was entering a singing competition. So, we decided to ask our couch's permission to go out early and thankfully, he was kind to let us be.

Rushing back to our dorm, we changed our clothes and headed to the venue; Foyer in between Tower 1 and 2, at Faculty of Engineering. 

I wore the costume from the dorm -without wig yet- and obviously everyone was staring at me, but perhaps they knew there was an event  happened so their staring didn't last that long. XD

I arrived there with Fateen, waiting for Sammy to arrive with Ayasaki-nii and others (which then I got to know them as Ryan, Omar and Yana 8D), before we went together to the changing room. I happened to meet my part 2 senpai, which she was cosplaying Makise Kurisu, and it was her first time ever to cosplay, and her friend was cosplaying as Levi. Sammy and I were fangirling. Hard.

I still couldn't believe that Fateen didn't have any reaction towards 'Levi'. That stoned-heart girl. XD

I didn't manage to take lots of pictures though. And even if there were lots of people taking picture of me, those pictures wouldn't come out anyway, as they didn't even know me thus couldn't take me. 

Oh well. *sniff*

No make-up, nada. Huahahaha! XD .. *hide inside a hole*

 Ah- Denmark was wearing glasses. OAO

 Nyo!Germany and Denmark. >3<)
I need to buy new wig. OTL

 Managed to take picture with Hinamori Momo from Bleach awwww yiss! >w<)/

 Omar (Kenshin), Sammychi (Denmark) and Ayasaki-niichan (Kaito Love Is War). Didn't manage to take Yana (Sakura - Samurai X) and Ryan (Star Wars) QnQ

Fufufu Ayasaki-niichan at the back was nervous and practicing his song before his turn in singing competition. XD

 Ahhhh! There is a little bit of Ryan at the left side! XD

Oui! *salute*

There were lots of people taking pictures of Sammychi and I, but of course the pictures just disappeare along with those people since they do not know us, to tag us at Facebook. Oh welp. Thankfully I have some in my phone, but obviously not that much. OTL

Anyway, I was having fun during this event. It was just a small, really small event but maybe because I managed to get new friends that I felt so happy about this event. Yurp.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

MDS UiTM ShahAlam Degree Intake September '13

On 2nd September, I was enrolled into a degree programme at UiTM ShahAlam, and of course, as new students, we would have MDS (Minggu Destini Siswa) or Orientation Week as a place for us to get know better about our university.

Honestly, I hate MDS. 

I had gone through that when I was in ASASI programme at the same university and so I could predict what would happen and what activities would we have. Thus, my "I HATE MDS" feeling was being bigger and bigger. 

Alas, I still need to go through that week.

Truthfully speaking, MDS when I was in ASASI (Jun'12) is much better than the MDS I just gone through last week, even though during ASASI I had to go through SEVEN days of torture while in degree I just had to go through FIVE days.

However, they were some people who kept on complaining about how they couldn't get sleep early because facilitators released us around 12a.m, how they were so freaking tired and how they were no time for them to rest because we then need to wake up at 4a.m.


During ASASI, WE could only go back to room AFTER 2a.m and need to wake up at 4a.m. WE could not go back to our room to bath or change clothes, not like you whining people! WE did not mind. WE did not complain. WE felt tired but WE just kept silent.

But YOU- YOU kept on whining and complaining behind those facilitators back. For your information, facilitators felt much more tired than all of us! Stop being selfish! URGH!

I do not want to talk more about those people so I will just move on.

Morning of 3rd September, we had our university registration, had our picture taken to be our card matrix's picture for the whole degree years. In the evening, we had lots of briefings regarding university courses and such. Nothing much happened.

4th September, we had our 'Opening Ceremony of Minggu Destini Siswa'. Somehow my cousin and I had to sit at the very first row, in which we could not help but to make sure not to fall asleep. It was hard. QnQ

All of us were waiting for the ceremony to get started. Can you see how alike all of us were at that time? XD

My cousin, Di. I took this before the ceremony began. (>w<)/

Di took this~ I do not even know whether my smile here is sincere or fake. I was so sleepy and tired at that time anyway. =P However, perhaps it was a smile of "Yes, finally!" XD

After the ceremony, we were brought to the Stadium UiTM ShahAlam to watch the competition between UiTM FC and PB (Pelajar Baru), or new students from male college; Perindu. 

The red jerseys were the new students while the white jerseys were the players from UiTM FC. Just like last time during my Asasi MDS, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Affairs Prof. Dato' Dr. Abdullah Mohamad Said joined the play. 

We; Mawar students were cheering for Dato while the other female college students; Seroja were cheering for PB. Well, I was more to PB, because the fact is, I hate mainstream. When all of the people go to this one particular thing, I will go to the another one. =P

Anyway, Seroja students created quite a show. Somehow they were like, 'presenting' themselves to the boys, saying "Panah cinta, panah cinta. Perindu, kena tak?" or 'Arrow of love, arrow of love. Perindu, does it hit you?'. It was annoying actually, for us Mawar. Meeh, I do not blame everything on them because all the cheers were taught by the facilitators. 

Perindu was even felt annoyed at Seroja. And they called us Mawar as 'cold girls' because we really, really, never did anything as such, and we were more on ignoring them. XD

This was taken before we went back to DATC (Dewan Agung Tengku Cancelor) - the only place we went for the whole week of MDS - to have a movie night with Dato' Dr. Abdullah Mohamad Said. 

If you noticed the blurry thingy, it was actually caused by these air cooler fans. In real life, they made the surrounding looked like it was covered by fog. XD

Anyway, at the night of 5th September, we had this 'Closing Ceremony' in which it was more to 'Cultural Night'. Before the night, we were taught to dance by facilitators and had to dance together with them during the real ceremony. It was.. okay. 

I must say the 'Cultural Night' during Asasi is much more fun. At that time, there were lots of performances from us who wanted to do it and also performances from the facilitators, and the ceremony was more like MTV Awards with the hosts and spotlights. However, for this session, it was more.. formal. 

Oh welp.

Somehow we had to sit at the boys' area. Welp. Crazey ish still crazey. XD

Do not I have other poses? Gawd. (>n<")

On 6th September, the MDS finally finished. And most of us went back home, to do laundry because we did not have the time to do it during the whole week. XD

The conclusion that I can make; MDS during ASASI is much better and more fun than MDS during Degree. 


Thursday, 29 August 2013

Costest, costest~ (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

Yes, all that I can do is to do costest. *palm cheeks and sigh* I can't really go to any event because of I live far away from all the venues. So, from my last event Comic Fiesta '12 until now, I have missed Animax Carnival (March), C2AGE (Jun), Comic Fiesta Mini (August), Culture Japan Convention (August) and Animangaki (August).

Can you imagine how disappointed I was? I can't even describe how I felt when I read all those statuses and updates and pictures at Facebook about them. *sob*

Anyway, let just forgot about it. *wipe tears*

Anyway, please bare with all the selca, eh? XD

So, I tried my Nyo!Germany costume again, and now, with the wig. 
I still felt kind of regret for not having the wig earlier before CF'12, but yeah, I went as incomplete Nyo!Germany (without wig) during that day. Meehh. 

I was planning to wear the tophat along with a suitable dress for event actually. But it never happens. I guess I'll make it happens next time. I guess. *cough*

That is my dress when I was 12 years old. How many years already eh? 7 years, and I still can fit in it (except for the breasts area but meehh). 
My beloved cousin; Di took this picture for me. And yes, I took this on my oldest sister's bridal bed, a day before the wedding day. Oh, whatever. XD

This, was when I wanted to do Nerd!Miku for my friend's Mikuo. 8D 
Anyway, I decided to make my Miku's wig stays plaited when I wear it during Comic Fiesta this December. I am greatly lost on how people managed to make their long wig stays untangled and smooth during event, and my brain just scream; "PLAIT IT AND YOU'RE DONE!". So yurp. You'll see Senbonzakura!Miku and HimitsuKeisatsu!Miku with plaited hair. *roll*

There is no other event after this except for Comic Fiesta. So.. I guess I won't have to be jealous and such for the next few months. =P

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Journey to Le Clinic (for medical checkup)

On 19 August, my dad and I went to a journey, searching for clinic that could do medical checkup on me (for degree's enrollment meeehh). My cousin; Di also went to do to the same thing with me, but she was with her mother (my aunt yay) because after that they wanted to go to somewhere else.

Did I mention I hate medical checkup? I hate the urine test. It is so.. awkward for me when you need to pee (what if at that time you don't want to pee what would you do hnngghhh) and give it to the staff and OhMeinGott the staff will test the urine and God- *paw screen* (QAQ)

Anyway, we went out from home at 8:30 in the morning, heading to the clinic we decided to go since last night; Klinik Kesihatan Ujong Pasir. Since my cousin and I went separately, she arrived at the clinic first. However, when I just arrived with my father, I saw Di and Aunt were waiting outside, at the front door. Aunt told me the appointment for medical checkup was already full, and they would start it again on 3 September.

In my mind, I was like, "Oh shiiiiiiiiiittttt adhakjgffhkfdhj"

But outside I was like, "Oh, it can't be helped. Is there any more clinics?"

And so, we decided to go to Klinik Kesihatan Peringgit. This time, we arrived there first. So, we walked to the clinic in hope they would have it, but stopped in the middle of our steps when we saw a notice pasted at the front door "THE MEDICAL CHECKUP APPOINTMENT WILL BEGIN AGAIN ON 4 SEPTEMBER".

*cue me crashing down to the ground and rolling down the road*

My dad was laughing, and voiced out his opinion in which he thought every government's clinics were full for medical checkup. 

Feeling unsatisfied, I went inside and asked this one nice lady at the counter if what my father thought was true. She couldn't give me the exact answer so she suggested to me to call the clinics. She then gave me another government's clinics' numbers for me to call.

I did. And those clinics told me they were full, and would begin again on 3 September.

I told my father and he laughed again. 

Me; "Oh god whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?"

Then, we waited for Aunt and Di to come and when they did, we told them the news. Having a discussion at the front door, we decided to go to private clinic; Klinik Al'Azhim. At first we wanted to straight away go to the one at Telok Mas, but Aunt suggested to us to go to Bukit Baru first since it was nearer to our place that time.

So, we did.

Di and I went inside (Aunt and Dad just waited in cars) , and asked those sisters at the counter, and they told us they could do the medical checkup, but they didn't have the X-Ray. Feeling rather dejected, we asked if Klinik Al'Azhim at Telok Mas had X-Ray and they told us they had it. 

So, I went back to Dad, and told him before we set off to Telok Mas. Aunt decided to do Di's shopping for university and we separated there. 

In car, I was like; "Urgh, I am so going to put this on my blog. *silence* .. Damn, I forgot to bring my phone!"

"My phone has camera, right?" Dad reminded me about his new phone my oldest sis and her husband bought for him the previous week. I could see how excited he was with his new phone. Really.

"Oh, right" I asked for his phone, and took pictures. Selca. Lawl. XD

Since the phone's still new, and Dad doesn't know how to use le camera, you can say his gallery now is full with only ma pictures. Bwahaha!

Ma beloved Dad who just entertains his youngest daughter in everything she wants. I love my Dad! *hugs tight*

And so, we reached Klinik Al'Azhim at Telok Mas. Since I was the only one who wanted to do medical checkup at that time, I was sent straight away to the specific room. Taking my height and weight, doing that urine thingy (Oh God I just hate that part), and checking my eyes sights (horrible gaaahhh), I was then sent into an X-Ray room.

You know what I found in that room? 

A log book about all people who did X-Ray there, and I found almost everyone is the same age as me (1994-er), and they are all my friends. XD

I.. even found my old time crush's (when we were 10 years old - did I mention I still have feeling on him?) name there. And I freaked out. I wonder why I freaked out though. Meeh.

At 11:00, our journey ended. Most of the times were used on roads anyway. *rolls*

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

DIY Mini TopHat

Okay, so I watched this one video in Youtube when I was browsing about 'how to make a mini tophat' just for fun, and I found the easiest way (based from my observation) to do one. And so- voila! I decided to make one!

It is really, really simple and easy!

You need one jelly cup, a smooth one which does not have any curves at the bottom.

See? It's a smooth bottom. 8D 
I forgot to capture a picture of the cup I used so I give example sourced from Mr. Google. XD

You also need fabric; the one you like and desire to use. You do not have to have 1 meter (about 3 feet) for this, you can have about only 1 foot because it is a mini tophat. XD

And most importantly, a weapon you cannot forget; a glue gun with its 'bullets' of course.

I did not buy any materials I used for my tophat. I went through my family's store, found some old fabrics and few decorations and then I used them to make one. So, it is not really that beautiful or something. *cough*

See? It looks old, no? XD

This is when I had done decorated it using any decorations I found in the store. 8D

You cannot really see it buy I glued the tophat to a simple, white headband because I did not find any ribbons at that time. However, I must say I prefer to use headband than ribbons. :3

So, this is the result of my first trial. I can say I am satisfied with this since I just reused any fabric and decorations I found rather than buying a new one. XD

Here is the video where I used as my reference. Go on, guys. Do it! XD

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Dance, dance~ ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

Somehow I have joined a group for cosplayers who like to dance at Facebook, and we will have lots of dances to do during events; C2AGE, Animangki, Comic Fiesta and others. Usually we will gather on weekends to practice together, and unfortunately I cannot attend all of the meetings because their main place to practice is at KLCC Park, and I live at Melaka. So.. yeah. OTL

However- I will have the chance to meet all of them during Comic Fiesta this December, and I cannot wait for that moment. I am sure I will be like, standing at the side, do not know what to do, feeling awkward because do not know anyone. 

Meehh~ I will try to survive then. XD

Anyway, up until this moment, I have learned about four simple dances.

Happy Synthesizer

Hare Hare Yukai


Caramelldansen ParaPara Version

Now, I am trying to learn;


Heart Catch Paradise


Renai Circulation


.. and counting.

I hope I will manage to learn these dances. Urgghhhh. *rolls*

Monday, 29 July 2013

UPU Result; Degree

Another late update. XD

11 July 2013, UPU's result finally out and all of the Matriculation's, ASASI's and Diploma's leavers were squirming in their seat, feeling nervous to know their destined result. I could not even sleep the day before the result was out. Not to mention, I had to take for my second dose of HPV injection. It doubled up for my nausea. @(>n<)@

... Alhamdulillah, I got the course of my first choice. (>v<)/

I managed to continue my study for Degree in B.ED TESL at UiTM ShahAlam. ShahAlam will be my 'second home' for another three to four more years. 

So yeah, another more years for me there. Another more battles to fight for the only bus provided to go to my faculty. Another more years of being annoyed because we will be left aside by both UiTM ShahAlam (because our faculty is at UiTM Seksyen 17; INTEC) and INTEC (because we are not INTEC students). Another more.. torment for me. (QAQ) 

Oh well, it couldn't be helped. I felt grateful enough for getting the course that I've been wanting since I was in Form4. 

I could not wait for this September, to meet new friends, to continue my study, and to have more experiences there. But- the only thing I do not look forward to is the MDS I need to get through for a freaking week. Hnnggghhhhh! (>A<)


Anyway, I have reached the conclusion for MEdSI's interview. The interview for MEdSI's test is when some universities call you to have it. Since MEdSI means 'Malaysian Educators Selection Inventory'; if anyone of you apply for any courses that would make you as an educator in future, you are ought to take the test. So, if you sit for the test, and do not get called from any universities you had applied before for interviews, then it is safe to conclude that you do not pass the test. 

However, do not get disheartened or think that you would not get any place in universities. You will, but not the course that need you to pass MEdSI, that is all. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Late update is late. XD

At 12 a.m on 10 May 2013 (Ahahaha that was almost a month ago! XD), one of my friends just posted a link regarding MEdSI on our ASASI TESL page and I immediately checked on it. Much to my disappointment, I didn't manage to get called for the test.


At 12 p.m, after I had my lunch, I decided to browse over all comments posted at the post and I saw my friend said "Eh, suddenly I got it". Feeling curious, I decided to re-check and ta-da! I got it! 

I had to take the MEdSI test on 12 May, at UPSI, Perak and my test was at 8:30 a.m.

It sent me panicking a little as there was no one available to send me there. I was about to give up and decided not to take the test when another friend of mine said that the test was a must for us, especially if we want to continue in our programme, so I panicked even more. Luckily, my sister-in-law quickly asked her superior to give her a day off during that day, and it was approved. 

Anyway, we began our journey at 2:00 a.m from our place (My mom insisted we went there as early as possible) and arrived at UPSI at 6:30 a.m. Of course the university's gate didn't open yet at that time, and fortunately there was one eatery near the university so we decided to crash there for a while. 

My three-year-old niece was the one who took this picture. Both of them here are my cousins. The girl is the same age of mine - her MEdSI test was at 3:30 p.m - while the boy is younger than us by two years. 

I was just being playful here with my niece. I never thought that she managed to snap my picture. Maaann! XD

7:30 a.m, we decided to go back to the university. Seriously, the distance between UPSI and this eatery place was just about 7-10 minutes walking. XD However, there are lots, and I mean lots of dogs. 

Around 8:00 a.m, I went to the venue and waited outside for the test. There, I met my friends from secondary school and we chatted to burn the times, and to burn down the nervousness too. 

I never realized my dad had snapped this picture when I was talking with my friends until he showed me. XD

8:30 a.m, we were being called to get into the lab. My first thought was "Computer? Online?" since it stated in our letter that we need to bring pencils, and pens, and erasers, you know the drill - but then the test was taken online. *le sigh* Me feel me wanna ripped off the letter at that time.

The test was.. easy if I must say. We need to answer 300 questions in one hour and half. Although there were only 'yes'/'no' or 'agree'/'disagree' answers however sometimes it kinda made us think too. The questions are easy; easy to get it, and easy to fail. I could still remember some of the questions though. Oh, the questions are all in Malay, don't worry. :D

"Waktu rehat digunakan untuk guru membuat bisnes" 

"Hari cuti Sabtu atau Ahad digunakan untuk membuat kelas"

"Guru boleh bercinta dengan pelajarnya"

"Guru Matematik boleh mengajar subjeknya pada waktu PJK"

So, those were some of the questions. For me, it was like a trap. Ngee!

I guess all you can do is answer the questions as positive as you can. However, do mind that they actually go through all your answers to know whether you're honest or not. I don't know how they do that, they just do.

Oh, people say that you can only take MEdSI once in your lifetime, and that you wouldn't know the result of the test. The only way for you to know is when you're being called for the interview (which I don't know what does they means by interview; universities' interviews or MEdSI's interview hmmmm). I don't know for sure about this since I'm in the middle of waiting for my UPU result. Once I get it for sure, I'll tell you. 


Friday, 10 May 2013

Life as ASASI TESL UiTM student (Sem2 - December2012/April2013)

So, for my Second semester, I don't wish to explain how I got there blablabla but for this sem I got new roommate! Two seniors and one coursemate! Those two seniors only had two weeks left there when we got in. Guess what happened after those weeks passed? WE CONQUERED THE ROOM FOR THE WHOLE SEMESTER IT WAS AWESOME!!! *throw confetti*

Anyway, I got sorted into Group D! Oh yeah, we realized that our lecturers just played around with ranking of the classes, previous Group A was now Group E, Group B was Group D, so on and so forth. Basically, I was still in Group B although some of my classmates moved on to Group E (supposedly Group A). Well duh, I'm not genius like them.

The subjects that we had to take for second sem were almost the same as sem one's except 'Computer Literacy', 'Malaysian Studies' and 'College Study Skill' were replaced by 'Drama and Language', 'Literature', and 'Basic Principle of Education'. 

Drama class was awesome! Well, it's drama. You can imagine what would you do in the class. You need to act of course! Obviously among all the other subjects, we love Drama class the best. XD

Owh, this was my class for second semester!

Guess what did I call my class as~ .. D'HAREM! Kekeke. Oh come on, don't you see it? We only had ONE boy and the rest were girls. It's obvious why I call it as 'harem'. XD

I love Lyana's expression here. Really suited her condition; being far away from all of us. And not to mention, this was unintentional! XD

Second semester was far more challenging from first semester because we had 26 credit hours to complete. TWENTY-SIX! Imagine how many sleep hours we need to sacrifice!

*cough* Putting that aside, I shall show you the place where I'd been spending almost one year there. 

Still remember my last post, where my friends Farah and Ummi took their picture at the front of logo? Well, somehow in second sem, they changed it from 'Universiti Teknologi MARA, Kampus Seksyen 17' to only 'INTEC'. Heh. Awesome, isn't it? We were kind of felt bitter about this but mehh~

INTEC Library; the only hang out place for us if we wanted an air-conditioned place. XD I must say most of us went to this library because of its Lab IT. Online, online~ 8D

INTEC Library taken from behind. :D 

'Kafe Gagak'; one of the cafes at INTEC. This cafe is popular for TESL students for lunch since it's near our buildings. I'd taken it on Sunday so yeah, it was closed. XD

Area around 'Kafe Gagak'. This was taken during our last paper of final exam for second semester. Kekeke. 

As usual, in every last year of studying we will have dinner/graduation party. Ours was few days after last paper of final exam; 9April at Hotel UiTM. Our theme was formal so yeah, you can expect the dudes wearing tuxedo and dudettes wearing dress. Though there were girls who only wore 'Baju Kurung'. :D

This was when we were waiting for bus to pick us up at 'Bus stop Kolej Mawar'. XD

Rahmah and I! Both of us wore the same clothes; a dress, a blazer and shawl. XD Even the colour was almost the same!

Puteri and Wardahchi!

Me and Wardahchi~! 

Nabilah and I. :D

Me and Sofie! 

Amalina and Patricia! Both of them were my classmates in D'Harem. ;D

KakJaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh how I miss called her that. :')

Me and 'Tricia. I was the only one who called her that. Everyone else called her as 'Pat'. XD

Syasyachi and I! *heartheart*

MingMing~ My adorable friend. :D

Harith and Luke! Tuxedoooooo~ *drool* .. Ahahaha, sorry, sorry! 

Le Ammar~ 8D

I had to ask for his girlfriend's permission to take picture with him. Kekekeke. Thankfully his girlfriend is my friend! Oh, she was the one who took this picture of us! XD

Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke, LUKE!! *squeal* Ahahahaha! Most of us were still 'fangirling' over him. XD

My 'Malaysian Studies' lecturer for first sem, and 'Drama and Language' lecturer for second sem; Miss Azzy! I adore her so much she is so adorable and cute and understanding and everything! She was being so patient on us and helped us when we had difficulty of portraying our character! I miss her so much ahikfbcikcbdcbdl-! (QvQ)

My 'Computer Literacy' lecturer for first sem, and 'Listening&SpeakingII' for second sem; Madam Ruqayya. She's awesome too. I admire her. I still couldn't believe she was interested on my public speaking regarding 'Cosplay' (yes I choose 'cosplay' as my topic). And when I told her the reason I chose the topic (for the ability to talk about topic if I'm not mistaken) that I am a cosplayer, she replied "Oh, I know". I was baffled! How did she know about it!? 

Dinner had been the last day for us to gather together since after that we would be separated. We didn't know which university we would get into for degree, and we didn't even know whether we would get TESL again or not. However, one thing we sure, we would cherish our moment together, forever. 

I love every one of you; TESL students batch 2012/2013!