Sunday, 9 June 2013


Late update is late. XD

At 12 a.m on 10 May 2013 (Ahahaha that was almost a month ago! XD), one of my friends just posted a link regarding MEdSI on our ASASI TESL page and I immediately checked on it. Much to my disappointment, I didn't manage to get called for the test.


At 12 p.m, after I had my lunch, I decided to browse over all comments posted at the post and I saw my friend said "Eh, suddenly I got it". Feeling curious, I decided to re-check and ta-da! I got it! 

I had to take the MEdSI test on 12 May, at UPSI, Perak and my test was at 8:30 a.m.

It sent me panicking a little as there was no one available to send me there. I was about to give up and decided not to take the test when another friend of mine said that the test was a must for us, especially if we want to continue in our programme, so I panicked even more. Luckily, my sister-in-law quickly asked her superior to give her a day off during that day, and it was approved. 

Anyway, we began our journey at 2:00 a.m from our place (My mom insisted we went there as early as possible) and arrived at UPSI at 6:30 a.m. Of course the university's gate didn't open yet at that time, and fortunately there was one eatery near the university so we decided to crash there for a while. 

My three-year-old niece was the one who took this picture. Both of them here are my cousins. The girl is the same age of mine - her MEdSI test was at 3:30 p.m - while the boy is younger than us by two years. 

I was just being playful here with my niece. I never thought that she managed to snap my picture. Maaann! XD

7:30 a.m, we decided to go back to the university. Seriously, the distance between UPSI and this eatery place was just about 7-10 minutes walking. XD However, there are lots, and I mean lots of dogs. 

Around 8:00 a.m, I went to the venue and waited outside for the test. There, I met my friends from secondary school and we chatted to burn the times, and to burn down the nervousness too. 

I never realized my dad had snapped this picture when I was talking with my friends until he showed me. XD

8:30 a.m, we were being called to get into the lab. My first thought was "Computer? Online?" since it stated in our letter that we need to bring pencils, and pens, and erasers, you know the drill - but then the test was taken online. *le sigh* Me feel me wanna ripped off the letter at that time.

The test was.. easy if I must say. We need to answer 300 questions in one hour and half. Although there were only 'yes'/'no' or 'agree'/'disagree' answers however sometimes it kinda made us think too. The questions are easy; easy to get it, and easy to fail. I could still remember some of the questions though. Oh, the questions are all in Malay, don't worry. :D

"Waktu rehat digunakan untuk guru membuat bisnes" 

"Hari cuti Sabtu atau Ahad digunakan untuk membuat kelas"

"Guru boleh bercinta dengan pelajarnya"

"Guru Matematik boleh mengajar subjeknya pada waktu PJK"

So, those were some of the questions. For me, it was like a trap. Ngee!

I guess all you can do is answer the questions as positive as you can. However, do mind that they actually go through all your answers to know whether you're honest or not. I don't know how they do that, they just do.

Oh, people say that you can only take MEdSI once in your lifetime, and that you wouldn't know the result of the test. The only way for you to know is when you're being called for the interview (which I don't know what does they means by interview; universities' interviews or MEdSI's interview hmmmm). I don't know for sure about this since I'm in the middle of waiting for my UPU result. Once I get it for sure, I'll tell you. 



  1. Mestilah boleh! saya pasti guru boleh bercinta dengan pelajar.. :D

    1. What do you think this life is? Anime/manga? XDD
      Kalaulah real life macam ni, aku pun nak cuba gak bercinta dengan pelajar! 8D