Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Personal Photoshoot~ (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Sammychi and I decided to have our own personal photoshoot cam-whoring on Saturday (23Feb), just around our University area. So, before Friday night, Sammychi went to my dorm and we had 'wig test' together. It was absolutely, certainly and surely.. epic failure; especially it was my first time wearing wig and Sammychi chose to laugh at my failure before she helped me. *bite her hands* 

Blond wig for Nyo!Germany and Denmark. Epic fail is fail. OTL

Megane!Miku and Megane!Mikuo. Another epic fail. (^w^")

We took a lot of pictures with Sammychi's webcam - like I said; cam-whoring - but I don't need to spam this post with those fail pictures. *roll to the corner*

Anyway, the next day which was our 'photoshoot' day, we went out to search for place that we found it was 'okay' for us to take pictures there, and we came to a conclusion to have our cam-whoring at Kolej Kenanga; near the Faculty of Law. Our first choice was actually Faculty of Law but unfortunately on that day there were lot of people there. Ngee! 

Our first wig was of course; Blond. XD

Uwaahhhhh jytvhtdfvrhfhvdbtfjfgh- *rolls away and curls up at the corner*

This adorable Sammychi who was hiding because there was someone walking just across the place we were taking photos. XD

After much failure from the Blondes; especially me - of course, let's move forward to the Turquoises! 

I've made such a terrible and horrible Hatsune Miku, right? .. Sob. *plant mushrooms at the corner*

And cutey Sammychi was a Mikuo for my Miku; since Kaito is with Meiko. Lawl! XD

We were cam-whoring a lot there as there were only two of us. Yes, we were each other's photographer. Can you imagine how much failure we are? *dug sand and buried herself in it*


You're going to enter the cam-whoring zone. Please buckle your seat belt, and prepare a BIG bucket in front of you in case of some emergencies. *fly away*

Short-haired Miku: Where's he? He said to wait for him at 5:00pm and now it's 5:30pm! ((*coughdatecough*))

Short-haired Miku: One hour already.. Is something happens to him? ((Wait- whatt?))

Short-haired Miku: That's it! He is so going to treat me a lot of ice-creams! ((How is this becomes a story again? *whack head at wall*))


Mikuo: Hmm, nice sounds. Perhaps I'll buy this. 

Mikuo: Is this clothes okay?

Mikuo: Fllyyyyyyyy~! 

Mikuo: I'm awesomeeee!! 

Mikuo who was cross-dressing as Miku! .. Fine, I'm just kidding. I just gave Sammychi the pigtails so she could be Miku. Isn't she adorable? I believe she suits to be Miku rather than me. *crawls away*

Both of us as 'Akita Neru'.. version turquoise-haired. XD

Self-taken; because we didn't have anyone to help us. Lawl! 

Anyway, after we were done with cam-whoring at Kolej Kenanga, we then decided to go to KFC at Seksyen 2 to fill in our empty stomach. So, we went to Kolej Perindu's bus stop; and there were few boys there. I must say they were 'afraid' to come near us as they waited far away from the bus stop. Buehehehe! 

Unfortunately, we missed the first bus because we didn't see it coming. And seconds after the bus disappeared, both of us received a message at the same time. Sammychi got message from Syasyachi; "I saw you and Ada. Awesome!" while I got message from my classmates; "Saw you guys at Perindu's bus stop. Cosplaying ehh~?". 

Mein Gott we were shocked because never crossed our mind our friends would see us. 

The annoying part was that we had to wait for about ONE HOUR for the second bus to come. And when it finally came, guess what? .. It was the same bus! Whattt!? Dear RapidKL, you don't have enough bus eh?!


So, we arrived at Seksyen 2 - cosplaying thank you - and met Wardahchi there. Actually she wanted to join us from the beginning but she had to go to our campus, so she decided to hang out with us. 

The KFC counter's sis was asking us; Sammychi and I what was the occasion and we bluntly said "Photoshoot". Kekeke. It was not a lie, was it? 8D

A lot, and I mean A LOT of the people there were staring at us but meehh- XD. Wardahchi even said that she heard someone whispered "Cosplayer, cosplayer" when we first met her at Seksyen 2. Kesesese! XDD

Wardahchi and I~! 

Sammychi and Wardahchi~ *heartheart*

After we ate, we headed back to our Kolej. As usual, more people staring at us but we decided to pretend we didn't see it. The funny thing was there was one guy yelled out "Kpop" at us as he drove by and we were like "Aca-cuse me? Kpop?". But we just shrugged it away because we know not everyone knows about anime and cosplay. 

So, that was the end of our day. It was fun, to say the least. 

We are planning to do another one when we get our costumes. Kekeke. We are feeling giddy about it already. XD

Friday, 22 February 2013

I Got The Wigs HOYEAH! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

Right after Comic Fiesta '12 ended, Sammychi and I immediately thought of a plan on what should we cosplay during this year Comic Fiesta and we decided to cosplay Vocaloid. Don't worry Hetalia, we are still going to cosplay you~! *twirl around*

After long and long discussion at Facebook, plus with the EXTRA long suffering of waiting for our scholarship money, we finally got the chance to order our costumes and the wigs. 

What would we cosplay? .. As what Luka would say, "Go Google It". Lawl! XD

No. These five wigs are not mine alone. Two of them are Sammychi if I'm not mistaken and one is for Syasyachi! The last two wigs are mine. 8D

We are really excited to wear these wigs! We even plan to have photoshoot - just a casual one, or you can call it as 'cam-whoring' - since we don't have the costumes yet. 

I shall update about the 'cam-whoring' once we done it! XD