Friday, 22 February 2013

I Got The Wigs HOYEAH! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

Right after Comic Fiesta '12 ended, Sammychi and I immediately thought of a plan on what should we cosplay during this year Comic Fiesta and we decided to cosplay Vocaloid. Don't worry Hetalia, we are still going to cosplay you~! *twirl around*

After long and long discussion at Facebook, plus with the EXTRA long suffering of waiting for our scholarship money, we finally got the chance to order our costumes and the wigs. 

What would we cosplay? .. As what Luka would say, "Go Google It". Lawl! XD

No. These five wigs are not mine alone. Two of them are Sammychi if I'm not mistaken and one is for Syasyachi! The last two wigs are mine. 8D

We are really excited to wear these wigs! We even plan to have photoshoot - just a casual one, or you can call it as 'cam-whoring' - since we don't have the costumes yet. 

I shall update about the 'cam-whoring' once we done it! XD

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