Sunday, 19 January 2014

Comic Fiesta '13 (Day2 - 22 Dec)

Second part of the fairy tale. Let's starto! >w<)/

Remember those ten tickets I bought? Half of them were for my family actually. Yes, I dragged my family to come with me to this event. Well, it was only my oldest sister and her husband, along with his little siblings. I just wanted to take my bro-in-law's siblings to go out because they never had a chance to do that (my bro-in-law is so strict and he forbids them to go out from house so that's why I have been planning to bring them out ever since my sister was engaged to my bro-in-law :v)

Anyway, for second day, I asked my kouhai and her sister to go first because we were waiting for my family to come from Melaka. It is two-hours journey so I was afraid I was holding those two up. Fortunately, my family arrived at my college around 8:30 so we quickly went down to the bus stop. 

Like the previous day, I just hung my costume at hanger so it somewhat attracted people's attention. Especially Wardahchi since she already wore her costume. XD

If you see that pink costume hanging there, it is mine. XD

Wardahchi as Naruto. :D

Kathy as le tour guide. Ahah! XD

If previous day I did my make-up at KL Central, this time we went straight to KLCC because it was already late at that time. So, I only wore foundation and lips gloss, even without wearing my wig completely, we went ahead to KLCC. XD

See? I didn't even wear le pigtails yet, but there was already someone who asked me and Sammychi for photos. However, obviously we couldn't deny the request. 
Gawd, incomplete cosplay but yet pictures been taken. OTL

Arrived at KLCC, I asked my family and my cousin cube to enter the halls first. Sammychi and Wardahchi also went inside first because they said they wanted to get revenge for not be able to look at all those merchandises during first day. Well, Fateen (she cosplayed for this day yay), Kathy and Sakinah stayed outside with me. Kathy was helping Fateen with her wig while Sakinah finished up my make-up. I told you, she is my make-up artist. *kena piak*

Oh, I noticed LOTS of people took my picture during this time - since I was facing this mirror and I saw their reflections. Some of them even went up near us and even had conversation with us. And there was this foreigner complimented Sakinah for the make-up ahah. XD

Then, again, we split up. Fateen went searching for her friends, Sakinah and Kathy, along my another friend who just arrived; Puteri were together to once again explored the halls. I went to my family, and my oldest sister asked me where could we eat since like, they started from Melaka around 6:30 a.m so they didn't eat yet. So, we went out from the halls (I still couldn't stand the crowd even though the people were lesser but whatever I was STILL hyperventilating!) to meet Wardahchi and Sammychi who were already waiting for us at this one food court. 

Somehow my bro-in-law wanted to take pictures first so we stopped near the exit and took pictures. :v

Soo.. this is my family. My oldest sister is the one at the far right, wearing purple jeans. And the others are my bro-in-law's little siblings. :D

Woohoo me and KLCC as background kyaaaa  XD *kena piak*

Ma beloved cousin cube Ell oh gosh how gorgeous she is! QvQ *lovelove*
#Photo credited to her. 

Then, we went to Wardahchi and Sammychi. They told me that they were having their own photoshoot while waiting for me. Ahaha sorry babies! 

We met at the food court, and my bro-in-law suggested us to take pictures there before we went to find for place to eat. Like usualy, the whole food court was fulled with people and so we decided to eat at KFC. XD

The only photos we were in together as D2MY. *sobs* QnQ

Before we moved out to go to KFC. XD

Askjahskaghdjdsgh we were just about to exit this food court when I saw Ryan-nii and Airi along with their group. We were so excited and hugged each other (strictly for girls only okay?) and then my bro-in-law suggested to take pictures. And obviously, when a group is formed, LOTS of phototags came. We created some commotion there for a while ahah! XD

The youngest one wanted to take picture with Naruto. Ryan-nii looks extremely gojes here. :P

Then, after all the excitement, we went to KFC while Ryan-nii and the group went to the halls. Boy- we thought there could be any empty seats at KFC but it was packed too! Lots of cosplayer also eat there! Thankfully there were a family that already finished eating and they gave us their seats. 

They were whispering to each other - seemingly were gossiping about me. =3=)
#Photos taken by me.

Being crazey after ate KFC. XD
Gawd those bags hnngghhh we forgot to 'kick' them away akjgahsdjg OTL
#Photos credited to Sammychi.

Me, Sammychi and ma beloved cube. *lovelove*
#Photo credited to Ell. 

After lunch, Ell told us she had to go back to her university (UM) because she had group discussion with her friends. And I, went inside the hall again with Sammychi and Wardahchi because they wanted to buy something. So, my family decided to wait outside, walking around and looking at all those cosplayers out there.

Around 4:00 p.m, I decided to go back because my family would take few hours to arrive back at Melaka. Wardahchi decided to stay - because she was watching performances at stage and she went back with the others. Sammychi and I exited the hall and went to meet my family at that big Christmas Tree. 

Met with Fateen - she was cosplaying Hibiki - and her friends so we took picture together. 
#Photo credited to her male friend; the one in the middle wearing red shirt.

And finally managed to meet Ruka-neechan since we couldn't meet during first day. She was also cosplaying Hibiki, and gosh she is so adorable! *lovelove*

Then, we met my family, and my bro-in-law said "Let's take last photos here" and so we did. XD

#All of these photos are taken by my bro-in-law. He is a part-timer photographer. :v
Other photos can be seen here

Comic Fiesta '13 (Day1 - 21Dec)

Late update yess hnngghh! *kena piak*

So, I finally got time to update about my journey to my second Comic Fiesta. Without further ado, let's start the fairy tale, of the first day of the event.

Like I said earlier in my previous post, almost half of my classmates during Degree are anime fans too, and I have another friend who is also cosplaying (Fateen) beside from Wardahchi. Obviously, three of us went to the event, and another two friends (Sakinah my make-up artist XD) and Kathy (an avid gamer) joined us.

I woke up around 6:00 a.m, and packed all my belongings into a luggage I borrowed from Fateen (thank you baby it was my first time ever need to bring luggage and I don't have the small one so you kindly lent yours to me I love you forever QvQ). Then, around 6:30 I woke Kathy and Wardachi up by calling them, since they asked me to be their alarm. Oh welp.

Oh, then my kouhai; Fanu - along with her older sister who is actually the same as age as me - came to my room because they also wanted to go to the event. Her sister Amane Misa (I don't know her real name :v) is also a cosplayer and I still don't add her on FB yet OTL. She is studying at another UiTM, at Pahang if I'm not mistaken but she crashed in her sister's room for few days. *nodnod*

Anyway, around 8:00 a.m we finally went down to the bus stop near our college and waited for the bus. And since I didn't put my costume inside the bag (it would crinkle damnit what's the point of me ironing it if I crammed it inside the luggage D:<) and just hung it with hanger so people were looking at me, us, whatever, wondering what was with the costume. XD

So many people because it was the beginning of study week so they wanted to go back to their hometown. Hnngghhh!
Kathy and Wardachi in the bus. Poor them couldn't have a seat because of the mass of people. They - plus Sakinah - had to stand for about an hour before we arrived at KL Central! D8

So we arrived at Kl Central. Look at Kathy and Sakinah's excited face ahah! XD

They were waiting for me and Sammychi to change our clothes. Huhuhu. 

So yeah, like I said above, Sakinah IS my make-up artist. :v *kena piak*
I was hugging a teddy bear that Sammychi gave me. *lovelove*

Sakinah (she wore Sammychi's Akatsuki hoodie) who was trying to tie a tie for me. And failed. Kathy was the one who tied it for me then. XD

Sammychi (Marisa - Touhou) and me (Reimu - Touhou) when we were queuing for tickets. 
I had bought the tickets online and needed to redeem them and gawd- I never thought we had to queue along with those people who wanted to buy the tickets there and then. Even people who already have early bird tickets in their hands had to line up. Hnngghh what was the point of having early tickets then? D:<

Huehuehue look at all those tickets I bought weee~ 

Then we split up. Sakinah and Kathy were together and went to their adventure inside the halls. Wardahchi already went out from the hall to wait for Luke - since I bought ten tickets and I only used three of them that day lawl XD - to have one of the tickets from me. Well, he paid me, of course. Oh, Misa also bought three from me for her friends and then Wardahchi, Sammychi and I went to sell another three tickets to those who wanted it. XD

Honestly, I went inside the hall just to redeem the tickets and STRAIGHT AWAY exited the hall because of Luke, but then I never went back in. Hahaha what a waste of ticket but meh. :v

Welp, I can't stand crowd. At all. Comic Fiesta was having too many people, especially in the halls, and I was hyperventilating inside it even though I just stepped in it. 

When we were struggling to go out from the hall, we managed to stumble upon they were the one who called for us if not we missed them huehue Anime Daisuki Malaysia (アニメ大好き)'s member; Megat, Zelda and.. other two. OTL
#Photo credited to Zelda

Right, so we walked out from hall, met Wardahchi and Luke, then after I managed to sell the remaining tickets, all three of us (Luke went inside the hall) went to KLCC's food court to have lunch. Mein gott all those peopleeeee *faint* We found place to sit, Wardahchi and Sammychi went to buy us McD while I just sat there - to reserve the seats and of course because I can't bear with the crowd. When we were having lunch, Luke came and joined us. We chatted for a while and then he decided that he wanted to go back, and Wardahchi wanted to join.

So, after lunch, it was only two of us. *sniff*

Oh, since Sammychi was doing 'free lollipop' thingy, we spent our time OUTSIDE the hall - around the park outside the hall, and along the road that has this fountain lake thingy from the hall to Suria KLCC - giving people those lollipops. Ahah! It was fun! Really! 

We met Vivi yay! 8D 
She was hanging out with her friends but we managed to bother her to take picture with us. She looks so different cosplaying girl character because she always cosplays boy character but god- how adorable she is in this cosplay. 

We finally met Yuki - she was cosplaying Psyche, an alternate version of Orihara Izaya. Was it a fate? Because we were walking aimlessly and bam- we saw her and her friends! *cry in happiness*
#Photo credited to her.

Around 4:00 p.m, we gathered back near this BIG Christmas Tree near the entrance to Suria KLCC. Welp, since it was their first time going to KLCC so they had some difficulties in finding the Christmas Three I was talking about. My credit was gone just for that. XD

Us, before we went back. Fateen was the one who took this picture. She gladly volunteered to be the photographer because she didn't want to be in picture gawd that girl hnngghh

Oh, these are the only photos that I have in my phone.

Sammychi is so adorable, isn't she? *palm cheeks and wriggle* 

And so, we went back to ShahAlam. Oh, I didn't even manage to meet Gayathri huweeeeee QAQ. We messaged each other but never got the chance to meet because my friends and I wanted to go back (because we afraid we would arrive back at college late) and she just exited the hall, and it was also her first time going to KLCC so she was also lost about all the places at KLCC.. yeah. *sobs*

Oh, forgot to mention, Reimu's costume is not mine. I borrowed it from Ayasaki-niichan, and Sammychi also borrowed Marisa's costume from him. Both costumes are his. :v

#Other photos are credited to Kathy.