Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Yuri!!! on Ice (Y*oi on Ice) Panel @ VAX 2017

I need to put this warning:
Excessive amount of capslock and obnoxious amount of incoherent blubbers 

Okay, Visual Arts Expo (VAX) was like, around 2 weeks ago?? But I can never ever get over it I sweearrr-- 

It was my first time attending VAX and holy sheet I was hella excited when I knew there would be YOI Cosplay Panel on the second day of the event. I mean- I've always watched Cosplay Panel in Youtube, usually done by Europe cosplayers and noW I COULD WATCH THEM LIVE IN FRONT OF MY EYES OF COURSE I LOST MY SHEET

Anyway, the panel (apparently is called as Y*oi on Ice *coughcough*) is HELLA FOOKING AWESOME I WAS LEGIT SOBBING AT SOME POINT OF THE PANEL.

Did you notice how awesome the panel's name? Y.O.I --> Y*oi. Come onnnn it's brilliant okay like playing with alphabets n sheets or somethin'. Okay I'll shut. 

All of the cosplayers are so on point and perfect in their own character. I could totally imagine the characters themselves do whatever the panellists were doing on stage www x'D

The panel is said to be 'PG advised'. ABSOLUTE LIES. I swear the panel itself breaks the rule. The rating should be PG-15 or something wwww x'D Not that I am complaining though if it was me I would love it to be R-18 //slapped

So the first part of the panel is Q&As in which the questions were already collected from the fans few days before the event. Some of the questions made us went "Oooohhhh" and some made us went total batsheet crazy wwww x'D AND HOLY WHEN THE QUESTION ASKED YURIO ABOUT OTABEK I NEVER EXPECTED HIM TO ACTUALLY APPEAR YOU KNOW-- The Otabek cosplayer sat directly in front of me but I didn't realized him (?? uh I just use the pronoun him because OTABAE) until he was called on stage because I was too busy screaming at the stage x'D Well, he sat on the very front row while I was standing at the back so yeah _(:v

Believe me, when Otabae came on stage the whole audience went crazy. Vikturi is one thing, OTAYURI IS ANOTHER THING WEYH 

Second part is Never Have I Ever. Somehow Otabae was called on stage again to be part of the panel for the segment hshshshs (Mila pushed him to sit next to Yurio I just cannot asjkhdagjakyesss) The hints of Otayuri surely made us went crazy screaming and screeching www xD Oh, ANOTHER SURPRISE APPEARANCE THIS TIME IT'S JJ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MY BBUUUU honestly I don't understand why people hate JJ so much I mean come on he is precious okei wuwuwu

Third part of the panel is Dare. Gosh you wouldn't understand how hard I screeched at the first dare. It's OtaYuri guys. With cat ears. Can you understand my OtaYuri feeling? Can youuuuu ;;;v;;; 

Fourth part is Country's Trivia. The teams are separated into Team Asia and Team Europe. The audiences were the ones who had to play the game, though the punishment would be done by the panellists www xD. I don't want to spoil which team lost but their punishment is to dance Gwiyomi. I heard that if the other team lost, they would have to dance to Abracadabra. I don't know if it's true or not, or if that's the intended Abracadabra song but the idea of them dancing it is huehuehue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyway, the Fifth part is Posing Game. I honestly thought the panellists were the one who would do the posing but nooooooo they called us on stage to do it instead www. They mentioned something "We don't want to suffer alone you must suffer with us too" x'DD

THE LAST PART OH MAI GOD THE LIP-SYNC BATTLE IS HELLA LIT I SWEAR AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-- Yurio went "It's My Life" and he grabbed Otabae's shirt and yanked him and I swear everyone went REAL CRAZEH. Chris went fooking sexy with "Toxic" and gosh Mila-- I swear I could go gay for Mila when she did that dance for "I Kissed A Girl"

Team Europe fooking slay I swear wwwww x'D

Phichit went adorably childhood memory with "We All In This Together" and I swear I laughed and thought "I KNEW IT OF COURSE HE WOULD SING THIS" when Yuuri lip-synced "My Future Husband" ashdakgd so adorable help me aaaaaaaaaaa


Oh, I just noticed how Team Europe went hella sexy and raunchy while Team Asia just be adorable and cute with their chosen songs wwww xD

They ended the panel by singing the Opening Song of YOI; History Maker. I, however, kept on accidentally singing the parody version of the song made by Judee Zee. When others sang "Can you hear my heartbeat, I'm tired of feeling never enough", I sang "Can you hear my heartbeat, coz every new ep is getting more gay". Or when it is supposed to be "We were born to make history", I screamed "We were born to ship Vikturi!" 

I didn't remember how many times I slapped my own mouth because I kept singing the lyrics wrong gosh I am a trash hahaha _(:'vzj 

So the panel ended, and my heart just couldn't accept the fact. One hour is not enoughhhh! Lots of questions and whatever the panellists had prepared for us had to be skipped because they were running out of time huhuhuhuhu. They should at least have two hours for the panel ;;3;;

All in all, I really am having fun throughout the whole panel. It was my first time attending a cosplay panel and my experience of it is so goooooooooooood! 

I really couldn't thank all of the panellists enough for their hard work in creating the awesome panel for us. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST I LOVE YOU AHJDGSADGKJSAS 

Half of the panellists (I missed Mila, Chris and Yakov ;n;) hshshshs ALL OF THEM ARE SO PERFECT AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Honestly I was (and still am) damn nervous to approach them like they have this aura that makes me feel like I'm unworthy to breath in the same air as them hahahaha ;;v;;

This human being really nails being Yuuri I mean-- The adorableness of a Katsuki Yuuri? Check. The nervousness of a Katsuki Yuuri? Yes check. The awkwardness of a Katsuki Yuuri? FOOKING CHECK!


JSHDKHAGKJSHDG THIS YURIO IS SO ON POINT THE SASSINESS AND THE SALTINESS OF YURI PLISETSKY ARE SO PERFECT HNGHH do you believe me if I said my heart felt like going to explode when she leaned her head on my shoulder hshshshshhs

Phichit Chulanont, the captain of Vikturi ship wwwww SO ADORABLE WEYH HELP ME


Yakov Feltsman I could swear this coach is so done with how EXTRA those skaters be wwww x'D


Otabek "OTABAE" Altin wwww I swear if anyone watched me how I fooking react whenever I caught a sight of him would think I like him x'D Please guys I'm not worthy and this human is way out of my league 
I ship this human with someone else sooo :v

JEAN-JACQUES LEROY AKDHAKSGKHD I ISH SO HAPPY TO SEE SOMEONE COSPLAY HIM I MEAN JJ IS LIKE MY PRECIOUS BBU my heart hurts so much whenever I read fanfics where he is always being the 'bad person' or just get mocked and ridiculed ;;n;;

I managed to go ANBU ninja to capture this OtaYuri moment wwwww SO HAPPY WEYH IT'S OTAYURI AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Anyway, here are the videos for the panel. They are recorded by this lovely human here; 龍隼. Thankies for the videosss *kisskiss*
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

As for the panellists:
Katsuki Yuuri - Chloe Kong
Viktor Nikiforov - Joe Yee
Yuri Plisetsky - Nao Itazura
Mila Babicheva - Ay Jay Ikki
Phichit Chulanont - Siti RedyKidy Fatiha
Christophe Giacometti - Yuan Wong
Yakov Feltsman - Fara Nik

And the guests:
Otabek Altin - Synstruck Haedas
Jean-Jacques Leroy - Khalidi Khalid

//I am totally scared sheetless to add them in my FB friendlists wwww although I have three of them now but holy I really gathered my gut to add those three I swear-- I still am afraid to talk to them though feel like I annoy them or somethin'they are like in different level from me hshshsh I love them so much ;;v;;

Friday, 23 September 2016

Journey in Cosplay World

Edited on 25/12/16 to add CF16 pictures :v
Edited again on 1/8/17 to add VAX17 pictures :v 

So, it has been quite a long time since I first entered this world; Cosplay World, if I must say. I still remembered how I get into this-- I had been wanting to cosplay since 2010, when I saw all those amazing cosplay photos by amazing cosplayers in my Facebook timeline. Imagine, I had never been to any ACG events at all, and could only look at all those fun others have when they go to those events. Such heartache, much longing. 

Then, in 2012, when I first entered ASASI TESL at UiTM Shah Alam, I encountered these beautiful ladies; Wawa and Sammy. Wawa was the one who tagged me in Sammy's post, asking of who wanted to come to Comic Fiesta at the end of the year. Of course, since I had been wanting to go to the event, I happily commented on the post that I would love to go. That is the start of my relationship -- it sounds kinda wrong here -- with my BB Sammy. >v<)/ 

Sammy was the one who pulled me into Cosplay World. She was the one who first proposed the idea of us to cosplay at Comic Fiesta 2012. She was the one who brought me into this world, and I forever would be thankful to her. Without her, I won't be here, in this world, and have so many wonderful friends that have the same interest as mine, and that could understand me. 

I love you, Sammy. *lovelove*

And so-- my first cosplay.. Well, it was my dark, very dark, much black, history of cosplaying. I didn't wear wig, I didn't make up, I was completely not doing my character any justice. I'm so ashamed. I apologized deeply for that, Germany. U///U

Well, now let see the dark journey since I first started in this world (2012) until now (2016) OuO

Comic Fiesta 2012 (23 Dec)
This is when we (Sammy, Wawa and I) were waiting for bus to go to KL Central. Oh god, I feel so embarrassed seeing this picture of mine. >/////<)
Germany, I will do justice to you in later time, I swear! >A<)/

Goofing around with Sammy (22 Feb 2013)
This is when Sammy and I got our wigs for our next cosplay (guess what I would be :v)
No makeup, as usual. I was totally bummer in makeup during this time ^^")

Costest(?) Germany (23 May 2013)
Weeeeell... there was not really makeup put on my face at this time. Just a powder, very little eyeliner and a lipbalm. Eh. _(:'vzj

JFest 2013 (5 October)
Still no progress. Merlin, what had I done eyh? Everyone usually already has so much progressed by now but I was still uncooked potato ;;v;;

Animation Kingdom Cosplay (13 Dec 2013)
During this time, I had entered Degree, and met Kiera for the first time. Apparently, she was in the same situation as me. So, I became like Sammy, and pulled her into Cosplay World just like what Sammy did to me OuO
The makeup done here is by my friend, Sakinah. *lovelove*
I still didn't know how to makeup during this time. Excuse this rotten potato. UvU

Comic Fiesta 2013 (21 & 22 Dec)
Nope. I didn't do my own makeup too during this time. All of these are credited to this lovely Sakinah for helping me for both days. :'^

Animax Carnival 2014 (29 & 30 March)
This is still Sakinah's work. By now I wonder when would I progress in this journey www x'D

C2AGE 2014 (10 & 11 May)
My very first attempt to do my own makeup for event. In which, you can see almost nothing. Wwww x'D

MMU Japanese Festival 2014 (20 June)
A progress, I guess? Not so much though-- _(:'3ZJ

MGACE 2014 (26 Oct)
I really did not progress much, I swear-- It had been, what, almost two years since I first started cosplaying? And still nothing QnQ

JFest 2014 (11 Nov)
Once again, my lovely friend Sakinah volunteered to do my makeup. And of course you could see the difference in her makeup (which is awesome) and my makeup (which you see nothing :'v)

S.O.X 2014 (22 Nov)
My another attempt to do own makeup. Well, now at least you can see something difference? Like, the eyeliner? See? SEE? QvQ

Make A Wish Event (13 Dec 2014)
The marks on the forehead were done by Kiera, because I was --am-- completely hopeless in doing it myself. I hope I did have a progress somewhere here hahaha ;v;

Kuroshitsuji Photoshoot (20 Dec 2014)
Another progress? At least here we could see I did wear eyeliner, and eyeshadow ;;v;;

Comic Fiesta 2014 (27 Dec)
Here makeup was done by Sakinah again. >u<)
And that's why it looks pretty unlike my makeup wwww x'D

Animax Carnival 2015 (28 March)
Yosh, another makeup done by me. By now, I think I am happy enough with my makeup www :P

Costest(?) Germany with new wig (25 April 2015)
I tried to do justice for my Germany cosplay, and I am still not sure if I did the justice or not OTL
Maybe later I will do another one. _(:'^ 

Cosplay Summit (16 May 2015)
I think by this time I was improving. It may not seem much, but I was completely satisfied with this outcome. OuO
Well, at least it was much better than my first attempt :v

Animation Kingdom Cosplay (13 June 2015)
My first time ever cosplaying as Pikachu, and it was at DACT UiTM Shah Alam. x'D I think this time my eyeliner seemed more prominent? Ahaaaa :'v

Playing with Makeup (3 Aug 2015)
So, I decided to play with my makeup, as to show the difference between my makeup face, and non-makeup face. So, I did have progress in my makeup. Yay! x'D

MMU Japanese Festival 2015 (9 Aug)
Another attempt to cosplay Pikachu; upgraded version from AKC. Here, I tried to conceal my eyebrow because I managed to do it during 'Playing with Makeup', and drew back with yellow/gold eyeshadow. Truth be told, I kinda fail. x'D

Animangaki 2015 (29 & 30 Aug)
I once again tried to do the 'conceal eyebrow', but it still fail by the end of the day. I didn't manage to properly conceal it to stay long. UvU
And that was why I just didn't care about my eyebrow for the second day www x'D

MGACE 2015 (17 & 18 Oct)
Neko Lolita again~ And I have completely given up in concealing eyebrow www x'D

Cosmart 2015 (31 Oct)
Another Pikachu cosplay, yay! >v<)/ This time, Sammy taught me how to apply blusher properly ahehehe U////U

JFest 2015 (21 Nov)
With Sammy's teaching, I have managed to improve my blusher skill >u<)/

Comic Fiesta 2015 (19 & 20 Dec)
By this time, I think my makeup skill has reached its peak. x'D 
I would try harder to improve more. >x<)/

Animax Carnival 2016 (26 & 27 Aug)
I think my makeup skill is almost regressed because it had been almost eight months since the last cosplay during CF'15 x'D

Playing with Makeup 2 (22 June 2016)
I tried to do the half-skeleton makeup with limited makeups. I only use baby powder for the 'skull'. The eye part? I use pencil eyeliner completely, because I didn't have black eyeshadow. x'D 
I have been thinking in doing D.I.Y makeup paint (for the 'skull'), but I still didn't have the time to do so. _(:'^

Animangaki 2016 (27 & 28 Aug)
I feel like I completely did injustice towards my Juvia here. I couldn't believe myself. I had been wanting to cosplay her since 2014 and when I did-- The wig is horrible. I should restyle it to be better. Or maybe I will just buy another wig for her. ;;A;;
My makeup is still like usual. No improvement at all. Maybe I really do reach my peak in makeup skill x'D

Comic Fiesta 2016 (17 & 18 Dec)
I feel quite satisfied for my cosplay of Otae in Day 1, though I need to upgrade more for my Half-Skeleton Ghost (one of my friends said I look like one of the zombies in Welcome to Black Parade xD). I really need to buy white foundation, or maybe white face paint for this hahaha x'D

Visual Arts Expo 2017 (22 & 23 July)
I feel extra happy because fiNALLY I HAVE MANAGED TO REDEEM MYSELF FOR JUVIA *infinity amount of hearts* I am also satisfied with the makeup I did for her and Otae hehehe. One of my friends also likes the eyeshadow I chose for Juvia hshshshsh

And thus, we have reached the end of my journey in Cosplay World (for now, because there would be more later xD). I would try to improve more, especially in my makeup skill. I always feel envy towards those who can makeup so well, and I completely wonder how in the hell they manage to make their makeup long-lasting while mine would gone in just an hour into event. _(:'vzj