Friday, 23 September 2016

Journey in Cosplay World

Edited on 25/12/16 to add CF16 pictures :v

So, it has been quite a long time since I first entered this world; Cosplay World, if I must say. I still remembered how I get into this-- I had been wanting to cosplay since 2010, when I saw all those amazing cosplay photos by amazing cosplayers in my Facebook timeline. Imagine, I had never been to any ACG events at all, and could only look at all those fun others have when they go to those events. Such heartache, much longing. 

Then, in 2012, when I first entered ASASI TESL at UiTM Shah Alam, I encountered these beautiful ladies; Wawa and Sammy. Wawa was the one who tagged me in Sammy's post, asking of who wanted to come to Comic Fiesta at the end of the year. Of course, since I had been wanting to go to the event, I happily commented on the post that I would love to go. That is the start of my relationship -- it sounds kinda wrong here -- with my BB Sammy. >v<)/ 

Sammy was the one who pulled me into Cosplay World. She was the one who first proposed the idea of us to cosplay at Comic Fiesta 2012. She was the one who brought me into this world, and I forever would be thankful to her. Without her, I won't be here, in this world, and have so many wonderful friends that have the same interest as mine, and that could understand me. 

I love you, Sammy. *lovelove*

And so-- my first cosplay.. Well, it was my dark, very dark, much black, history of cosplaying. I didn't wear wig, I didn't make up, I was completely not doing my character any justice. I'm so ashamed. I apologized deeply for that, Germany. U///U

Well, now let see the dark journey since I first started in this world (2012) until now (2016) OuO

Comic Fiesta 2012 (23 Dec)
This is when we (Sammy, Wawa and I) were waiting for bus to go to KL Central. Oh god, I feel so embarrassed seeing this picture of mine. >/////<)
Germany, I will do justice to you in later time, I swear! >A<)/

Goofing around with Sammy (22 Feb 2013)
This is when Sammy and I got our wigs for our next cosplay (guess what I would be :v)
No makeup, as usual. I was totally bummer in makeup during this time ^^")

Costest(?) Germany (23 May 2013)
Weeeeell... there was not really makeup put on my face at this time. Just a powder, very little eyeliner and a lipbalm. Eh. _(:'vzj

JFest 2013 (5 October)
Still no progress. Merlin, what had I done eyh? Everyone usually already has so much progressed by now but I was still uncooked potato ;;v;;

Animation Kingdom Cosplay (13 Dec 2013)
During this time, I had entered Degree, and met Kiera for the first time. Apparently, she was in the same situation as me. So, I became like Sammy, and pulled her into Cosplay World just like what Sammy did to me OuO
The makeup done here is by my friend, Sakinah. *lovelove*
I still didn't know how to makeup during this time. Excuse this rotten potato. UvU

Comic Fiesta 2013 (21 & 22 Dec)
Nope. I didn't do my own makeup too during this time. All of these are credited to this lovely Sakinah for helping me for both days. :'^

Animax Carnival 2014 (29 & 30 March)
This is still Sakinah's work. By now I wonder when would I progress in this journey www x'D

C2AGE 2014 (10 & 11 May)
My very first attempt to do my own makeup for event. In which, you can see almost nothing. Wwww x'D

MMU Japanese Festival 2014 (20 June)
A progress, I guess? Not so much though-- _(:'3ZJ

MGACE 2014 (26 Oct)
I really did not progress much, I swear-- It had been, what, almost two years since I first started cosplaying? And still nothing QnQ

JFest 2014 (11 Nov)
Once again, my lovely friend Sakinah volunteered to do my makeup. And of course you could see the difference in her makeup (which is awesome) and my makeup (which you see nothing :'v)

S.O.X 2014 (22 Nov)
My another attempt to do own makeup. Well, now at least you can see something difference? Like, the eyeliner? See? SEE? QvQ

Make A Wish Event (13 Dec 2014)
The marks on the forehead were done by Kiera, because I was --am-- completely hopeless in doing it myself. I hope I did have a progress somewhere here hahaha ;v;

Kuroshitsuji Photoshoot (20 Dec 2014)
Another progress? At least here we could see I did wear eyeliner, and eyeshadow ;;v;;

Comic Fiesta 2014 (27 Dec)
Here makeup was done by Sakinah again. >u<)
And that's why it looks pretty unlike my makeup wwww x'D

Animax Carnival 2015 (28 March)
Yosh, another makeup done by me. By now, I think I am happy enough with my makeup www :P

Costest(?) Germany with new wig (25 April 2015)
I tried to do justice for my Germany cosplay, and I am still not sure if I did the justice or not OTL
Maybe later I will do another one. _(:'^ 

Cosplay Summit (16 May 2015)
I think by this time I was improving. It may not seem much, but I was completely satisfied with this outcome. OuO
Well, at least it was much better than my first attempt :v

Animation Kingdom Cosplay (13 June 2015)
My first time ever cosplaying as Pikachu, and it was at DACT UiTM Shah Alam. x'D I think this time my eyeliner seemed more prominent? Ahaaaa :'v

Playing with Makeup (3 Aug 2015)
So, I decided to play with my makeup, as to show the difference between my makeup face, and non-makeup face. So, I did have progress in my makeup. Yay! x'D

MMU Japanese Festival 2015 (9 Aug)
Another attempt to cosplay Pikachu; upgraded version from AKC. Here, I tried to conceal my eyebrow because I managed to do it during 'Playing with Makeup', and drew back with yellow/gold eyeshadow. Truth be told, I kinda fail. x'D

Animangaki 2015 (29 & 30 Aug)
I once again tried to do the 'conceal eyebrow', but it still fail by the end of the day. I didn't manage to properly conceal it to stay long. UvU
And that was why I just didn't care about my eyebrow for the second day www x'D

MGACE 2015 (17 & 18 Oct)
Neko Lolita again~ And I have completely given up in concealing eyebrow www x'D

Cosmart 2015 (31 Oct)
Another Pikachu cosplay, yay! >v<)/ This time, Sammy taught me how to apply blusher properly ahehehe U////U

JFest 2015 (21 Nov)
With Sammy's teaching, I have managed to improve my blusher skill >u<)/

Comic Fiesta 2015 (19 & 20 Dec)
By this time, I think my makeup skill has reached its peak. x'D 
I would try harder to improve more. >x<)/

Animax Carnival 2016 (26 & 27 Aug)
I think my makeup skill is almost regressed because it had been almost eight months since the last cosplay during CF'15 x'D

Playing with Makeup 2 (22 June 2016)
I tried to do the half-skeleton makeup with limited makeups. I only use baby powder for the 'skull'. The eye part? I use pencil eyeliner completely, because I didn't have black eyeshadow. x'D 
I have been thinking in doing D.I.Y makeup paint (for the 'skull'), but I still didn't have the time to do so. _(:'^

Animangaki 2016 (27 & 28 Aug)
I feel like I completely did injustice towards my Juvia here. I couldn't believe myself. I had been wanting to cosplay her since 2014 and when I did-- The wig is horrible. I should restyle it to be better. Or maybe I will just buy another wig for her. ;;A;;
My makeup is still like usual. No improvement at all. Maybe I really do reach my peak in makeup skill x'D

Comic Fiesta 2016 (17 & 18 Dec)
I feel quite satisfied for my cosplay of Otae in Day 1, though I need to upgrade more for my Half-Skeleton Ghost (one of my friends said I look like one of the zombies in Welcome to Black Parade xD). I really need to buy white foundation, or maybe white face paint for this hahaha x'D

And thus, we have reached the end of my journey in Cosplay World (for now, because there would be more later xD). I would try to improve more, especially in my makeup skill. I always feel envy towards those who can makeup so well, and I completely wonder how in the hell they manage to make their makeup long-lasting while mine would gone in just an hour into event. _(:'vzj

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Make A Wish (13Dec)

It was a small, private event done by Make A Wish team specially for this one eighteen years old boy who has been always wanting to go to an event to meet cosplayers. He doesn't manage to go by himself because of his illness which he has gotten since birth. 

I had wanted to join as the volunteer, but there was this information that said you had to go to a meeting if you want to join, and unfortunately I couldn't go. So, I told Ateen that I won't be joining the event.

However, few days before the event, Ateen told me it was okay to join, and I only had to give my ID number to her, and she would give it to the one who was responsible about this event. Apparently it was because there was not much who could come. 

Anyway, on that day, Ateen and I went to the place the event was held. We had to walk about 15minutes from the monorail station; Bukit Bintang, with Kiera had to look at the map. Somehow we felt like tourists who wanted to walk around Kuala Lumpur. XD 

Oh, we managed to find the hotel; one of the five stars hotels (let me tell you the acronym of the hotel; RC), and those staffs were looking at us in wonder. I bet they were wondering why there were two common-looking girls with backpack standing in front of their hotel. XD

The commissionaire and one of the valets approached us to ask us our purposes coming there. So, we told them about the event and thankfully they knew about it, and they told us the direction of the specific floor it was held.

We called the first dip for the changing room. :P 

We were the first one who came so we had the changing room all by ourselves for a while XD

As we were changing, another one came. At first, we thought that person was a boy, until I heard the voice. Ateen still thought she was a boy because she didn't really hear when that girl was asking something. Nate really looks like a boy at the first glance. Really.

Oh, apparently Nakajima Seiki was also there. When he entered the room, already in his Gai outfit, I was like; "..Nakajima Seiki..?" and he was "How did you know me?". Then I told him it was because I'm his friend in Facebook already. XD

Finish transforming! _(:vzj

Had a picture with Saskeh (Nate) before we went out to the hall UvU

And Ateen, of course. OuO

Selfie with them by Jiro-jiichwan~ >u<)/
#Photo credited to Jiro-jiichwan 

All of us were given one item to give to the boy (lets call him A). Our main star was Sanji, since A loves One Piece and his favourite character of the series is Sanji. Thankfully there was someone available (Jiro-jiichwan) to cosplay as Sanji on that day. >u<

We entered the hall as a surprise for him. And how surprised he was! I could see how he tried to hold his happiness (and he was close to hyperventilating and his illness is that he has weak lungs and all of us were like "Nooooo" even though MakeAWish team already told us not to worry BUT HOW CAN WE NOT!?). 

I teared up a bit when I saw how his eyes lightened up when Jiro-jiichwan came in (he as Sanji was the main star so he had to come in last). His face was glowing in happiness, and my heart just bubbled with warmth. 

He wanted to eat with all of us, and so the hotel staffs had to re-arrange a table to fit all eleven of us. Of course, he sat beside hisSanji. OuO

While eating, we entertained all those children too, since A's whole family came, along with some of his best friends. 

There was this 'sushi counter', and A made sushi for us. He then asked if Jiro-jiichwan would make some for him, because he has always wanted to see 'Sanji cooks in front of him'. I was standing beside A when Jiro-jichwan made the sushi, and I heard he told his friends "I think my dream has finally came true. I've no regret after this".

Damn. I teared up again.

Anyway, I decided to take selfieee with some of the volunteers who came. I wanted to take picture with those three Kamen Riders but kids were circling around them the whole time. UnU

With Elie-neesan, who cosplayed as one of the Pokemon trainers. OuO

Misao-neesan as Levi-heichoouuu. 
And Elie-neesan's PokeBall photobombing at the back, XD

Ayy with Jiro-jiichwaan le Sanji >u<)/

Annndd with Seiki le Gai XD

During the whole period, there was this one little girl who at first was so cold (that we dubbed her as Uchiha Sarada) until Nate picked her up and sat her on her laps while eating lunch. I who was sitting beside Nate played with the kid for some times, and apparently we managed to break the 'ice'. 

Though after that Nate had to run around the hall for the kid (and her siblings? cousins?) chased after her. XD

Then, that little 'Sarada' came to me, and tugged my sleeve that I had to kneel down to look at her. She asked me which 'princess' I was. Since I couldn't possibly explain to her that "No, I'm not cosplaying as a princess but rather blablabla" I decided to humour her and told her that I lived in a forest. Apparently she ran back to her mom and shouted that I was a Forest Princess. XD

When the event has finished, little 'Sarada' came to me again. Seeing it was our last time together, I hugged her, and she asked me to follow her back to her home. I forced my chuckles, because she insisted me to follow her, as she tugged my sleeve. 

My mind was "Is this girl wanting to kidnap me?" //shot. Just kidding. XD

Then, I told her some reasons and fortunately she gave in. Misao-neesan and Elie-neesan just laughed and told me it was just an innocent invitation from a kid (which if it's made by someone older I surely will freak out) 

Since the event had already finished, we decided to have some 'ice-breaking' in the changing room. So, we changed back to our normal clothes, and sat in circle, telling about ourselves. The notice on the door said the room was until 3p.m, but since the event finished way after that time, we had been given the room until whenever we wanted. 

So, we hung out in the changing room until 6p.m. :v

Last picture before we went back home. XD
#Photo credited to Seiki

It was a wonderful event. Most of us were actually those people who made last-minute decision to join. However, I'm sure no one of us regret it even a bit. Getting to entertain people, getting to make someone's dream comes true, there's no regret at all. 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

S.O.X Fantasy Fest '14 (Day1 - 22Nov)

There was another event which organized by Celcom, called as S.O.X Fantasy Fest which held at Kenanga Mall. I do not really sure if this was its first appearance but this was my first time to hear about this event. 

Anyway, Takeru decided to make Kuroshitsuji group again for the first day. Well, it had been about six months after we cosplayed that group. We managed to gather about half from our previous group for that day. 

I didn't wish to say anything about the event. As long as I had fun with my friends, then I'm okay. 

Apparently the masters; Ciel, Elizabeth and Madam Red were sitting at the 'exclusive seats' while the others were sitting at 'commoner seats', and that was why I was laughing. X'D 

Grell was having a 'discussion' with Sebastian. OuO

Afufufu UvU

HuehueHUEHUEHUE //cough

Ayyy got to take picture with BJD Senbonzakura Miku thanks to the owner Firua-san for giving the permission to hold her >u<)/

Preteh Miku ish Miku 

Papa and Miku ~v~)

After we had a lunch, we decided to go back to the somewhat hall. It was actually at the 15th floor of the mall; an open space with big fans on the ceiling. Yup.

Because fabulous Sebastian needed more wind to enhance his fabulous-ness :v 


They swapped their jackets XD 

Ayyy happy Elizabeth with her not-so-happy fiance OuO

Ahehehehe U//U

A shot of William pulling Grell's hair. Ever heard a phrase of "boy pulling a girl's pigtails"? Fuehuehue.

Papa, you were thinking of whom eyh? XD

Madam Red and her butler; Grell! 
Oh, and little Sebastian too. OuO

Wwww Papa photobombing at the back X'D 

Madam Red and her nephew before they had a dance together >u<

Ayyy managed to drag le fiance to have a dance together XD

All in all, that was what we did for that day. Walked around together, goofing around and did crazy things together before we went back home. 


Because we are so adorable //kicked to the Moon

This was when Madam Red was so angry to William who always 'kidnapped' her camera to delete some pictures. XD

Wait- who lead who in this dance again? XD

NG of Ciel asking Lizzy for a dance. Both of us were trying to stifle our laughs. X'D

I had fun. Not because the event, but because of those moments I spent with my group members.