Friday, 26 April 2013

Life as ASASI TESL UiTM student (Sem1 - Jun2012/October2012)

+Edited on 6May; added few things and pictures! XD+

On 2 Jun 2012, I had been sent to UiTM ShahAlam for me to pursue my study in tertiary education there, in TESL. Since it was my first time EVER separated from family, I must say I felt quite sad to leave them. Come on, 18 years of living with my parents and I never lived at hostel, suddenly I had to? I was freaking out!

The first week was for orientation which they called as MDS (Minggu Destini Siswa) week. It was horrendous. Felt like you were going to a scout camp, but unlike only for 2-3 days, it was for the whole week! I was dying, if I must say. I still remembered how we were being scolded by those facilitator sisters because our voice was not loud enough during the singing part. Geez, you can't really compare girl's voice with boy's voice! Of course they are louder! (=x=")

As much as it was hectic during the whole week, it was quite fun as we got to see one match between UiTM's team (UiTM FC) versus PulauPinang's team. What made it awesome, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Affairs Prof. Dato' Dr. Abdullah Mohamad Said also joined those players to play! I must say almost all girls cheered only for him. XD

Anyway, after MDS week, we began our lesson weeks. For the first sem, we had to take 24 credit hours with 8 courses; 4 cores and 4 non-cores. The core courses were 'Reading', 'Writing', 'Listening&Speaking', and 'Grammar' while the other courses were 'Computer Literacy', 'College Study Skills', 'Islamic Education Studies' and 'Malaysian Studies'. 


Before we got to our class, we had to take one replacement test where we would get sort according to the result of the test. And I, got sorted into Group B. It was awesome. I loved all my classmates there. And we, even called our own group as 'Barnian' as our class representative somehow was like 'Barney', and thus we are the 'Barnians'. XD

Psst, guess which one was our class representative! ;D

This was my class for Semester 1. As you can see, we only got four boys in our class. We; the girls love to fight over Luke and claim him as ours. Though it was only an act. Almost all lecturers believed that we were really fighting over him! XD

Yes, yes. You can see part of our campus/faculty there. Oh, we were taking picture near the INTEC Library by the way. 

I must say there was nothing extraordinary happened during the whole sem, mostly because our schedule was so packed with classes! 24 hours credit every single week, we didn't have any free time. The most common class hours would start at 8:30 a.m, and ended at 6.00 p.m.

Anyway, did I mention our campus and our hostel were about 15 minutes away from each other? And that bus was really hard to be seen there! We (the girls) stayed at Kolej Mawar, Seksyen 7 and our campus was at Seksyen 17; UiTM ShahAlam Kampus Seksyen 17 (INTEC). Yes, INTEC, the place where everyone who will pursue their study overseas need to come there for preparation. However, we were NOT INTEC students. It just that our campus and INTEC located in the same area. (=3=")

However we did have fun together!

From left: Farah and Ummi, posing in front of the logo. You can't really see it but it said 'Universiti Teknologi MARA, Kampus Seksyen 17'. XD

From left:: Nana, Ummi, Assila and Farah at TESL Square, the place for us TESL students to hang out before, in between and after classes. XD

We hung out at Secret Recipe after class. Well, not all of us here. All of the boys came anyway. Kekekeke! XD

Eh, no, no! They are not whatever you are thinking. They are just schoolmate since secondary so yeah, this is just an act! (>s<)

Luke and Ammar! XD

That was it, my life as ASASI TESL student for first semester. Few weeks before first semester ended, we got news where our group would be re-shuffled again which mean we would not have the same classmates. We were shocked hearing it and kind of repulsed against it. Well, it couldn't be helped. (QAQ)

Next entry I would talk about my life in Second Semester. Byon, byon~ *heart*