Thursday, 1 November 2012

Me? Dancing? Ohonhonhon~ (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

Yes, yes. I am. I had the urge to dance since my last few weeks in Sem1. I vowed to learn this one particular dance when I had my sembreak and now here I was, learning it. I took about one week to learn the dance and I must say that I'm not great as those in Youtube. Well, I just want to learn it for fun and it's not that I want to record mine and post it in Youtube. Nein, nein. *shake head quickly*

Oh, what dance I'm talking about? Jyaaann~ This popular dance; Happy Synthesizer!

Eheh, I must say I still fail at the instrumental part. It's too hard me! I feel like my legs would tangle with each other when I try this part. Anyway, I'm quite proud with myself since I managed to do the other part; though not perfect but meh~ 

Now I kinda use this dance as my exercise. Honhonhon, I'm a person who doesn't like to exercise such as jogging. So I would use this as one of the alternative ways, na? *wink* Hey, at least by dancing you would sweat, and even move all your body parts unlike jogging! *stick tongue out*

Haa~ I'm wondering if at ComicFiesta this December there are people that know how to dance this song. I would love to join. *grin*


Hah! As if you can. OTL