Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Comic Fiesta '12 (Day 2 - 23Dec). ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

The second day of the awesome event! 

The night before, Sammychi and Wardahchi were sleeping at my room since all of our own roommates were already going back to their hometown. We fangirling again about all those cosplayers we met during the first day while getting ready for our own costume to wear for the last day. Sammychi was being so kind to help me ironed my costume. *lovelove*

Again, we woke up early at 6:30am and got ready. I wore my costume and brought my bag packed with lot of things and went to Sammychi's room. Why? Because I need her help on wearing contact lens. 

Did I mention when I was going back to my room after I took a bath, I heard Wardahchi's screams and whines along with Sammychi's scolds? It sounded like someone was getting murdered but it was actually because Wardahchi was having hard time to wear those contact lens. XD

Around 8:00am, we went down from hostel and moved to the bus stop. We were actually wanting to go out at 7:30am to avoid people staring at us but because of the 'contact lens tragedy', we had to go out later. Fortunately, as soon as we reached the bus stop, the bus came and we immediately jumped in it. 

Sure, we managed to avoid people's attention from us but as the bus moved along, more people kept on coming in and yeah.. Please stare at us, people. We were display for you guys. (=v=") Not to be mentioned we were sitting at the back of the bus and three of us conquered those five chairs. Well, people were afraid to come near us. LOL. XD

If for our first day we took U529, went to KTM to go to KL Central, for second day we took U80 and straight away went to KL Central. And obviously, more people to stare at us since we like, once again, conquered the last row of the bus. (=^=")

Wardachi who was cosplaying as Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto). Another candid picture from me because hey- I'm awesome. =P

Sammychi who was cosplaying as Denmark (Hetalia). It was a candid picture too. I had to use the advantage of me sitting at the middle of the row to take pictures. Bwahahaha! *cackle madly*

Arrived at KL Central, we immediately took the LRT without even having breakfast because we wanted to have it at KLCC. More stares from people and I was like "Biatch, I'm fabulous look at meh *flip le hair*". .. It was because we arrived at the KL Central earlier than the day before. There were no cosplayers there other than us. (=x=")

This 16-years-old boy who is taller than 18-years-old meh! (QAQ). We met him in LRT and somehow we (isn't it me?) asked him to join us. Wardahchi and Sammychi kept teasing me about how I got a boyfriend because I walked with him during our way to Convention Centre. Gaahhh! HE WAS JUST A BOYFRIEND OF MINE FOR MERE THREE HOURS THANK YOU. 

Once we entered the venue, we began to fangirl again. And guess what? We met that HOT SMEXY Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) during the first day. And now we took pictures with him, in the middle of the path where people kept on passing by. XD


So.. we lurked around to search for cosplayers like usual. And after we felt our stomach growling in hunger, we decided to go to foodcourt to have our lunch; around 12:00pm. Like before, we were too early that people kept staring at us since all other cosplayers were still there in Convention Centre and they took their lunch around 1:00pm.

Wardahchi who was taking picture of Sammychi. Isn't she cute~? With that concentrate face of her and biting lower lip, that just plain adorable! 

Sammychi and I. Denmark who was eating ice-cream, along with one cute ribbon on his hair. Riiigghhhttt~ XDD

After lunch, we went to the Convention Centre again to meet our Hetalia's group leaded by Vivian. We met there and had some photoshoots whatever it is I feel like dying I look so ridiculous I might make the pictures come out fail. (QAQ)

Sammychi's and my Hetalia group. This was after the photoshoot where we just sat there and having fun with each other. France was playing with Switzerland's gun. XD

Mein Bruder (Prussia) and I (Germany). Besides being Prussia, she was also Jack Frost part-timer. Kekeke. XDD

Vivian (RevolutionaryWar!England) with Jack Frost's stick. XD

Switzerland and I. Oh please Switzerland, don't kill me I have lot of things to do with mein bruder. *get shot* XD


Shun Yagami who was cosplaying as Chibitalia. Shun's a boy babeehh~ Crossdressing in real life is awesome and epic. And to be added that this picture looks so sexeeyy~ 8D

Russia and I. Isn't she cute too? Look at her smile that just so nbjugkuvtfvujbh- I want to eat her up! (QvQ)


Okay.. Done with the pictures I took in the Convention Centre. Anyway, after some times, we decided to leave. We bit goodbye at them and went out from the venue, heading to LRT to go back to KL Central. As usual, people kept staring at us but now we didn't even care because we got used of it. XD

We took the KTM to go back to ShahAlam and heeeyyy there were no people at the carriage we sat so we decided to conquer it and having our own photoshoot inside it. Awesome us are awesome. Rawr. (^w^)

Wardachi and I. Did you see the reflection of Sammychi at the window? LOL. XD

Adorable Wardahchi~ *heartheart*

YES STRIP BABEH STRIP WOOHOOOO~!! .. *get kicked* .. I'm just kidding. (QvQ)

What was with the pose? Butler? Maid? Oh Gott whyy~? OTL

Okay.. So Sammychi was proposing to me. Ah, wait- That sounds wrong. Let me rephrase it again. Denmark was proposing to Germany.. *blinkblink* WHAATT

And.. That's all for our second day. There are more pictures but I guess I'll just cram them in Facebook. Perhaps. 8D

Comic Fiesta '12 (Day 1 - 22Dec). o(^▽^)o

My first time ever attending Comic Fiesta. It was amazing; awesome; epic; fascinating and any other synonym words you can think of. Anyway, let proceed to my, Sammychi's, Wardahchi's and Syasyachi's journey to go to the event held at KLCC Convention Centre. 

We woke up like, 6.30am in the morning and get ready; went down from our hostel at 7.30am and waited for the bus at the bus stop near our hostel. People were keep looking at us; especially Sammychi because she was wearing blonde wig. XD

Me and my roomie; Iqa. She followed us at the beginning since we went to the same way; only to be separated at KL Central. (QcQ)

Bus arrived, we took it and went to Seksyen2. Took U529 to go to KTM ShahAlam to go to KL Central. I couldn't take much pictures in it since it had lot of people. Sammychi was being too excited all of us felt literally and mentally tired we couldn't just sigh. 

The ever so excited Sammychi. I managed to take her picture while me myself stood wobbling like jellyfish in the KTM. XD

Once we arrived at KL Central, we went for breakfast. It was about 10am at that time. We went to this cafe and ordered our food, and while waiting, we could see a lot of cosplayers came along. We even fangirled a bit; which getting some stares from other customers. Besides that, we even cam-whoring ourselves. ;3

Cute Sammychi and pretty Syasyachi. :D

Haaaaaahhhhhhh~ (=v=")

 Pretty Syasyachi is preetteeehhh~ \(^Q^)/

Doodles Sammychi made; Denmark and Germany. Germany looks Out of Character here but meehh~ XD

And.. after we had our breakfast, we took the LRT to go to the KLCC. Once we arrived there, we found a lot of cosplayers which we thought we had entered a twilight zone; or an awesome world for me. We hurried to the Convention Centre (but we did lost some times before we get held of the right way) only to see sea of people gathered outside the hall. Mostly they were the ones who didn't have the ticket and had to buy it there and then. Thankfully we already had ours so we went inside easily. Ohonhonhonhon~ 

The first cosplayer that made me squealed. It was America (Hetalia). And guess what, she was actually the leader of Sammychi's and my group for Second Day. Her name is Vivian. Isn't she cute~? *heartheart*

Wardahchi and I got separated with Sammychi and Syasyachi, then we saw this cosplayer creepily stood at the corner like a statue. He (I guess this cosplayer is a boy) didn't even utter any words when we asked him if we could take picture with him or not. Wardahchi and I were quite freaked out at first but he was awesome! He was wearing Anbu's mask but then wearing Akatsuki's cloak.. I didn't even know who was he cosplaying about but all did I know it from Naruto. XD

I first saw him and began to hyperventilate. He didn't notice me as he was actually searching for sword to buy. I was like, lurking behind him, waiting for him to finish his searching and Wardahchi helped me to ask him for picture since I couldn't speak a word for being too excited to see a Trafalgar Law (One Piece) cosplayer. 

This Belarus (Hetalia) was really surprised with my advance on her. I saw her from a far as I stood at one of the corners and once she got near me, I jumped out in front of her and asked to take picture with her. Haha! She's so cute!

All of those guys; Akatsuki (Naruto) really didn't expect that we; Wardahchi and I wanted to take picture with them. They were quite bewildered as they looked at each other, before agreeing. XD

Sanji (One Piece) who we met as we was lurking around near the stage. He was doing "Mellorineee~" to me. XD And please, ignore the plastic bag there at my hand it was a failure oh Gott why I want to dig hole and bury myself in it. OTL

This! THIS! Wardahchi and I saw him near the stage too and we began to squeal and fangirling in front of him. Gott that was so embarrassing let me whack my head at the wall. B- Bu- But I REALLY COULDN'T STOP HYPERVENTILATE WHENEVER I SAW HIS PICTURES I FEEL LIKE I WANT TO DO HIM THERE AND THEN BUT I KNOW I CAN'T SO I SHOULD JUST PLANT MUSHROOMS AT THE CORNER. (QAQ)

After done fangirling in the Convention Centre, we decided to go to the food court and voila- I saw this one Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko no Basuke) who was queuing up to buy food. I immediately took out my phone and snapped this picture. Oh Gott I'm a stalker hell yeah. XD

And.. that was the end of my First Day at Comic Fiesta '12. I shall continue for Second Day entry. XD