Monday, 29 July 2013

UPU Result; Degree

Another late update. XD

11 July 2013, UPU's result finally out and all of the Matriculation's, ASASI's and Diploma's leavers were squirming in their seat, feeling nervous to know their destined result. I could not even sleep the day before the result was out. Not to mention, I had to take for my second dose of HPV injection. It doubled up for my nausea. @(>n<)@

... Alhamdulillah, I got the course of my first choice. (>v<)/

I managed to continue my study for Degree in B.ED TESL at UiTM ShahAlam. ShahAlam will be my 'second home' for another three to four more years. 

So yeah, another more years for me there. Another more battles to fight for the only bus provided to go to my faculty. Another more years of being annoyed because we will be left aside by both UiTM ShahAlam (because our faculty is at UiTM Seksyen 17; INTEC) and INTEC (because we are not INTEC students). Another more.. torment for me. (QAQ) 

Oh well, it couldn't be helped. I felt grateful enough for getting the course that I've been wanting since I was in Form4. 

I could not wait for this September, to meet new friends, to continue my study, and to have more experiences there. But- the only thing I do not look forward to is the MDS I need to get through for a freaking week. Hnnggghhhhh! (>A<)


Anyway, I have reached the conclusion for MEdSI's interview. The interview for MEdSI's test is when some universities call you to have it. Since MEdSI means 'Malaysian Educators Selection Inventory'; if anyone of you apply for any courses that would make you as an educator in future, you are ought to take the test. So, if you sit for the test, and do not get called from any universities you had applied before for interviews, then it is safe to conclude that you do not pass the test. 

However, do not get disheartened or think that you would not get any place in universities. You will, but not the course that need you to pass MEdSI, that is all. 


  1. hai dear..may i ask did you pass your interview for degree tesl? can you share some tips with me? thanks ^^

    1. Oh, I am extremely sorry for the late reply! >A<)

      How? Hmm, how can I answer this? Well, the interview is divided into two parts; first is one small test about reading comprehension and one essay, and second is the interview itself. For the test, it is almost the same as the one in SPM, though it has much higher vocabulary for the reading part.

      The next part is the interview. For this, you need to show confidence. Oh, and if they ask you "Why do you want to take TESL?", do not - and I mean it, do not answer with "Because I love English" or "Because I want to improve my English". They are searching for future English teachers who are already competent in English, if you answer that, it shows that you're not proficient in English. You may want to answer something regarding the course itself like "Because I want to make sure everyone knows how to use English" or "Because I want to teach them English so they can blablabla"

      You may have to do mock teaching in front of the interviewers, so, prepare yourself with what do you want to teach (phonetic symbols perhaps? or how to find contextual cues in reading? or meanings of literary devices in literature? anything about English). Oh, and be confident. :)

      You're welcome. >w<)