Friday, 10 May 2013

Life as ASASI TESL UiTM student (Sem2 - December2012/April2013)

So, for my Second semester, I don't wish to explain how I got there blablabla but for this sem I got new roommate! Two seniors and one coursemate! Those two seniors only had two weeks left there when we got in. Guess what happened after those weeks passed? WE CONQUERED THE ROOM FOR THE WHOLE SEMESTER IT WAS AWESOME!!! *throw confetti*

Anyway, I got sorted into Group D! Oh yeah, we realized that our lecturers just played around with ranking of the classes, previous Group A was now Group E, Group B was Group D, so on and so forth. Basically, I was still in Group B although some of my classmates moved on to Group E (supposedly Group A). Well duh, I'm not genius like them.

The subjects that we had to take for second sem were almost the same as sem one's except 'Computer Literacy', 'Malaysian Studies' and 'College Study Skill' were replaced by 'Drama and Language', 'Literature', and 'Basic Principle of Education'. 

Drama class was awesome! Well, it's drama. You can imagine what would you do in the class. You need to act of course! Obviously among all the other subjects, we love Drama class the best. XD

Owh, this was my class for second semester!

Guess what did I call my class as~ .. D'HAREM! Kekeke. Oh come on, don't you see it? We only had ONE boy and the rest were girls. It's obvious why I call it as 'harem'. XD

I love Lyana's expression here. Really suited her condition; being far away from all of us. And not to mention, this was unintentional! XD

Second semester was far more challenging from first semester because we had 26 credit hours to complete. TWENTY-SIX! Imagine how many sleep hours we need to sacrifice!

*cough* Putting that aside, I shall show you the place where I'd been spending almost one year there. 

Still remember my last post, where my friends Farah and Ummi took their picture at the front of logo? Well, somehow in second sem, they changed it from 'Universiti Teknologi MARA, Kampus Seksyen 17' to only 'INTEC'. Heh. Awesome, isn't it? We were kind of felt bitter about this but mehh~

INTEC Library; the only hang out place for us if we wanted an air-conditioned place. XD I must say most of us went to this library because of its Lab IT. Online, online~ 8D

INTEC Library taken from behind. :D 

'Kafe Gagak'; one of the cafes at INTEC. This cafe is popular for TESL students for lunch since it's near our buildings. I'd taken it on Sunday so yeah, it was closed. XD

Area around 'Kafe Gagak'. This was taken during our last paper of final exam for second semester. Kekeke. 

As usual, in every last year of studying we will have dinner/graduation party. Ours was few days after last paper of final exam; 9April at Hotel UiTM. Our theme was formal so yeah, you can expect the dudes wearing tuxedo and dudettes wearing dress. Though there were girls who only wore 'Baju Kurung'. :D

This was when we were waiting for bus to pick us up at 'Bus stop Kolej Mawar'. XD

Rahmah and I! Both of us wore the same clothes; a dress, a blazer and shawl. XD Even the colour was almost the same!

Puteri and Wardahchi!

Me and Wardahchi~! 

Nabilah and I. :D

Me and Sofie! 

Amalina and Patricia! Both of them were my classmates in D'Harem. ;D

KakJaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh how I miss called her that. :')

Me and 'Tricia. I was the only one who called her that. Everyone else called her as 'Pat'. XD

Syasyachi and I! *heartheart*

MingMing~ My adorable friend. :D

Harith and Luke! Tuxedoooooo~ *drool* .. Ahahaha, sorry, sorry! 

Le Ammar~ 8D

I had to ask for his girlfriend's permission to take picture with him. Kekekeke. Thankfully his girlfriend is my friend! Oh, she was the one who took this picture of us! XD

Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke, LUKE!! *squeal* Ahahahaha! Most of us were still 'fangirling' over him. XD

My 'Malaysian Studies' lecturer for first sem, and 'Drama and Language' lecturer for second sem; Miss Azzy! I adore her so much she is so adorable and cute and understanding and everything! She was being so patient on us and helped us when we had difficulty of portraying our character! I miss her so much ahikfbcikcbdcbdl-! (QvQ)

My 'Computer Literacy' lecturer for first sem, and 'Listening&SpeakingII' for second sem; Madam Ruqayya. She's awesome too. I admire her. I still couldn't believe she was interested on my public speaking regarding 'Cosplay' (yes I choose 'cosplay' as my topic). And when I told her the reason I chose the topic (for the ability to talk about topic if I'm not mistaken) that I am a cosplayer, she replied "Oh, I know". I was baffled! How did she know about it!? 

Dinner had been the last day for us to gather together since after that we would be separated. We didn't know which university we would get into for degree, and we didn't even know whether we would get TESL again or not. However, one thing we sure, we would cherish our moment together, forever. 

I love every one of you; TESL students batch 2012/2013! 


  1. I'm now in asasi tesl programme.... and in group E.... so sad....

    1. Congratulation for you, dear. :)
      Awww~ It's fine! To tell the truth, there's no difference between those groups. Everyone is the same.

  2. Hi akak... we're under the same roof.... i mean i'm still in Asasi... but.. ehmerged... i'm so nervous for the briefing of the 2nd sem next week... i don't want to change group... love my buddy so bad...

    1. Hello dear, sorry for the late reply I didn't realize it until now. OTL
      I don't know what class you are right now; whether it is changing or not, but you can still hang out with your buddies during weekend, just like what I did with my friends. :)

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  4. About the Drama and Literature studies , do you have to act a lot ? I'm interested in Asasi TESL but I'm a bit unsure about it . Do you have to talk a lot or do lots of presentations in this foundation course ? Is Asasi TESL only available in Seksyen 17 ?

    1. Hello dear, I must say in Drama class you will need to act a lot, since there are three assessments where you should act on stage; one individual and the other two in group. :)
      And yes, you will have LOTS of presentations. It is a way to prepare you as future teacher. :)
      Yes, yes. The Faculty if Education for UiTM is located at Seksyen17. However, there is rumour about it will be changed to another place but you don't to think about that for now.

  5. I hope i will be accepted.. it seems like a lot of fun xD

    1. Oh, I wish you good luck, dear. This programme sure is fun, if you put aside assignments and exams, that is XD