Sunday, 29 December 2013

Animation Kingdom Cosplay at DATC UiTM ShahAlam (13Dec)

It's a late update I know shadap :P

So, on 13 December; Friday, I went to another event held in UiTM, which organized by Faculty of Film, Theater and Animation at Dewan Agong Tuanku Cancelor (DATC). It was said to be held from 11a.m until 5p.m, and I had class on Friday from 10:30a.m until 12.30p.m. Fateen and I were hoping for our lecturer to finish the class earlier, and guess what? She did. Yay! XD

We went back to our dorm quickly, and began to prepare ourselves. I had decided to cosplay as Hatsune Miku Secret Police version, since I won't cosplay her during Comic Fiesta. And my friend decided to cosplay her character for Comic Fiesta. Perhaps she wanted to experiment first, who knows. *rolls off*

Around 1:30p.m, I went to my another friend; Sakina's room as to ask for her help to do my make-up. And yes, she had been experimenting make-up on me since the first day she knew I cosplay. :v

Obviously, make-up takes quite some times so we finished around 3:00 (since Saki did make-up for Fateen too), and we were ready to go. Saki didn't go with us, because she wanted to sleep; as what she said. 

So, with bag contained wig and make-up, and my costume draped over my arm, Fateen and I went to the event by walking since we didn't want to frighten off 'normal' people with our make-up. I swear if people saw us at that time, they would back away in fear. "Who would wear sparkling turquoise contact lens on daily basis anyway?" That would be what 'normal' people think. :v

As we arrived at the venue, we noticed there were not many people, unlike the number of people who said they were going at Facebook. Maybe they went back already? We decided to settle on that thought, until when we registered for cosplayer attendance, we saw that we were the fourth and the fifth one. 

That was really baffled us, but then we settled on "It's Friday, there won't be people to come". 

 Wardahchi and Nabila who came to 'visit' us. I felt so loved. QvQ

 Teen, Wardahchi and I. Teen was complaining afterwards on how her wig kept on covering her eyes. XD

 Me, Nabila and Teen. Welp, you can see Teen's eye here. :v

Wardahchi and her crab. She was really attracted to that balloon crab that she wanted to take it back to dorm, but we couldn't do that. QnQ
#Oh sorry for the blurry image I took pictures with my phone. OTL

 See? How excited she was with all those balloons. XD
Well, I must say they were beautiful. The theme was 'Underwater World', and you could see various kind of underwater species there made of from balloon. See that orange balloon? It was an octopus. XD

Ami-senpai! *lovelove*
Unfortunately she was not cosplaying, because she just finished her test at 4p.m and straight away came to the event. *sniff* 

Somehow my skirt is too big for me, that it keep on sliding down. So I couldn't help but to keep on tugging it back to my waist. Wardahchi said I had created an alarm because whenever I felt the skirt slid down I started to flail and chant "Skirt, skirt, skirt, skirt, skirt!" and quickly shoved anything I was holding to her so I could tug it back. XD

I forgot to bring the most important weapon for cosplayer at that time. Le safety pins. :v

Anyway, I met another senpai-tachi; Aple-senpai and Coco-senpai who are Ami-senpai's friends, but both of them are APB (Akademi Pengajian Bahasa) students with EPC (English for Professional Communication) courses. :D 

It was an unfortunate because I didn't take picture with them huweee QAQ

And like JFest, people took pictures of us, but the pictures will not come out because they didn't know who are we. *sigh*

Oh welp. 


  1. Always bring small mirror n hair wax/spray or always fix the wig if feel uncomfortable with the wig XD -Ruka-

    1. Yurp, yurp. XD
      She did that during Comic Fiesta. >w<)/