Tuesday, 13 August 2013

DIY Mini TopHat

Okay, so I watched this one video in Youtube when I was browsing about 'how to make a mini tophat' just for fun, and I found the easiest way (based from my observation) to do one. And so- voila! I decided to make one!

It is really, really simple and easy!

You need one jelly cup, a smooth one which does not have any curves at the bottom.

See? It's a smooth bottom. 8D 
I forgot to capture a picture of the cup I used so I give example sourced from Mr. Google. XD

You also need fabric; the one you like and desire to use. You do not have to have 1 meter (about 3 feet) for this, you can have about only 1 foot because it is a mini tophat. XD

And most importantly, a weapon you cannot forget; a glue gun with its 'bullets' of course.

I did not buy any materials I used for my tophat. I went through my family's store, found some old fabrics and few decorations and then I used them to make one. So, it is not really that beautiful or something. *cough*

See? It looks old, no? XD

This is when I had done decorated it using any decorations I found in the store. 8D

You cannot really see it buy I glued the tophat to a simple, white headband because I did not find any ribbons at that time. However, I must say I prefer to use headband than ribbons. :3

So, this is the result of my first trial. I can say I am satisfied with this since I just reused any fabric and decorations I found rather than buying a new one. XD

Here is the video where I used as my reference. Go on, guys. Do it! XD