Thursday, 29 August 2013

Costest, costest~ (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

Yes, all that I can do is to do costest. *palm cheeks and sigh* I can't really go to any event because of I live far away from all the venues. So, from my last event Comic Fiesta '12 until now, I have missed Animax Carnival (March), C2AGE (Jun), Comic Fiesta Mini (August), Culture Japan Convention (August) and Animangaki (August).

Can you imagine how disappointed I was? I can't even describe how I felt when I read all those statuses and updates and pictures at Facebook about them. *sob*

Anyway, let just forgot about it. *wipe tears*

Anyway, please bare with all the selca, eh? XD

So, I tried my Nyo!Germany costume again, and now, with the wig. 
I still felt kind of regret for not having the wig earlier before CF'12, but yeah, I went as incomplete Nyo!Germany (without wig) during that day. Meehh. 

I was planning to wear the tophat along with a suitable dress for event actually. But it never happens. I guess I'll make it happens next time. I guess. *cough*

That is my dress when I was 12 years old. How many years already eh? 7 years, and I still can fit in it (except for the breasts area but meehh). 
My beloved cousin; Di took this picture for me. And yes, I took this on my oldest sister's bridal bed, a day before the wedding day. Oh, whatever. XD

This, was when I wanted to do Nerd!Miku for my friend's Mikuo. 8D 
Anyway, I decided to make my Miku's wig stays plaited when I wear it during Comic Fiesta this December. I am greatly lost on how people managed to make their long wig stays untangled and smooth during event, and my brain just scream; "PLAIT IT AND YOU'RE DONE!". So yurp. You'll see Senbonzakura!Miku and HimitsuKeisatsu!Miku with plaited hair. *roll*

There is no other event after this except for Comic Fiesta. So.. I guess I won't have to be jealous and such for the next few months. =P

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