Saturday, 21 September 2013

MDS UiTM ShahAlam Degree Intake September '13

On 2nd September, I was enrolled into a degree programme at UiTM ShahAlam, and of course, as new students, we would have MDS (Minggu Destini Siswa) or Orientation Week as a place for us to get know better about our university.

Honestly, I hate MDS. 

I had gone through that when I was in ASASI programme at the same university and so I could predict what would happen and what activities would we have. Thus, my "I HATE MDS" feeling was being bigger and bigger. 

Alas, I still need to go through that week.

Truthfully speaking, MDS when I was in ASASI (Jun'12) is much better than the MDS I just gone through last week, even though during ASASI I had to go through SEVEN days of torture while in degree I just had to go through FIVE days.

However, they were some people who kept on complaining about how they couldn't get sleep early because facilitators released us around 12a.m, how they were so freaking tired and how they were no time for them to rest because we then need to wake up at 4a.m.


During ASASI, WE could only go back to room AFTER 2a.m and need to wake up at 4a.m. WE could not go back to our room to bath or change clothes, not like you whining people! WE did not mind. WE did not complain. WE felt tired but WE just kept silent.

But YOU- YOU kept on whining and complaining behind those facilitators back. For your information, facilitators felt much more tired than all of us! Stop being selfish! URGH!

I do not want to talk more about those people so I will just move on.

Morning of 3rd September, we had our university registration, had our picture taken to be our card matrix's picture for the whole degree years. In the evening, we had lots of briefings regarding university courses and such. Nothing much happened.

4th September, we had our 'Opening Ceremony of Minggu Destini Siswa'. Somehow my cousin and I had to sit at the very first row, in which we could not help but to make sure not to fall asleep. It was hard. QnQ

All of us were waiting for the ceremony to get started. Can you see how alike all of us were at that time? XD

My cousin, Di. I took this before the ceremony began. (>w<)/

Di took this~ I do not even know whether my smile here is sincere or fake. I was so sleepy and tired at that time anyway. =P However, perhaps it was a smile of "Yes, finally!" XD

After the ceremony, we were brought to the Stadium UiTM ShahAlam to watch the competition between UiTM FC and PB (Pelajar Baru), or new students from male college; Perindu. 

The red jerseys were the new students while the white jerseys were the players from UiTM FC. Just like last time during my Asasi MDS, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Affairs Prof. Dato' Dr. Abdullah Mohamad Said joined the play. 

We; Mawar students were cheering for Dato while the other female college students; Seroja were cheering for PB. Well, I was more to PB, because the fact is, I hate mainstream. When all of the people go to this one particular thing, I will go to the another one. =P

Anyway, Seroja students created quite a show. Somehow they were like, 'presenting' themselves to the boys, saying "Panah cinta, panah cinta. Perindu, kena tak?" or 'Arrow of love, arrow of love. Perindu, does it hit you?'. It was annoying actually, for us Mawar. Meeh, I do not blame everything on them because all the cheers were taught by the facilitators. 

Perindu was even felt annoyed at Seroja. And they called us Mawar as 'cold girls' because we really, really, never did anything as such, and we were more on ignoring them. XD

This was taken before we went back to DATC (Dewan Agung Tengku Cancelor) - the only place we went for the whole week of MDS - to have a movie night with Dato' Dr. Abdullah Mohamad Said. 

If you noticed the blurry thingy, it was actually caused by these air cooler fans. In real life, they made the surrounding looked like it was covered by fog. XD

Anyway, at the night of 5th September, we had this 'Closing Ceremony' in which it was more to 'Cultural Night'. Before the night, we were taught to dance by facilitators and had to dance together with them during the real ceremony. It was.. okay. 

I must say the 'Cultural Night' during Asasi is much more fun. At that time, there were lots of performances from us who wanted to do it and also performances from the facilitators, and the ceremony was more like MTV Awards with the hosts and spotlights. However, for this session, it was more.. formal. 

Oh welp.

Somehow we had to sit at the boys' area. Welp. Crazey ish still crazey. XD

Do not I have other poses? Gawd. (>n<")

On 6th September, the MDS finally finished. And most of us went back home, to do laundry because we did not have the time to do it during the whole week. XD

The conclusion that I can make; MDS during ASASI is much better and more fun than MDS during Degree. 



  1. hai , i know that masa mds kne pkai baju putih and tudung uitm(lol) . how about the kain ? must it be black or any dark colour ?

    1. Hello there Ms. Anon. :)
      For your question, the answer is, yes, it must be black in colour. Plain black with no patterns traced on it. The same applied to baju kurung, no patterns on it. Just imagine you are going to wear school's uniform. XD

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  3. Hello! Just wanted to ask regarding the white kurung, were there a lot of students who wore the school's uniform?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hullo! >w<)/
      Well, most of us wore the school's uniform; you know, the plain white baju kurung? That's what we wore, along with plain black kain and the purple shawl which UiTM will give it to us. 8D

      You are most welcome. >w<)

  4. Is it compulsory to wear black shoes during the perasmian? Thanks!

    1. It is 'kind of' compulsory, for it is appropriate for the formal function. However, those who don't wear it (or if you don't wear the right plain black kain and plain white baju kurung) will get arranged to seat somewhere at the back (psstt you will get scolded by the facilitator first but no worry they will just nag at you) since the opening ceremony is conducted live and there are cameras everywhere.

      Cheers! >w<)/

  5. Is it compulsory to join MDS? I mean, what if we have some family matters and couldn't join for about three days? What will happen then?

  6. Is it compulsory to join MDS? I mean, what if we have some family matters and couldn't join for about three days? What will happen then?