Monday, 3 November 2014

MGACE' 14 (Day2 - 26Oct)

After few months of last event, I had another opportunity to go to another event called MGACE at INTI College, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Unfortunately, I had only gotten the chance to go there for second day since I had a programme compulsory for me to go on first day. 

Anyway, my trip was like usual. I took the 6:30 a.m bus which meant I had to wake up around 5:00 a.m to get ready. Fortunately, I am now staying with Wardah @ Wawa, so I did not have to worry too much about -getting-out-from-house-so-early-in-morning-it-is-still-dark-. *cough*

At KL Central, we were waiting for Erin to arrive before we moved to our destination, which was Nilai, which was at another state (we are in ShahAlam), which I never went there before especially using public transport. 

We survived though. :v

Oh, frankly speaking, this event is my worst event ever. 

I hate the layout of the hall. They created it in zigzag maze-like. Sure, it sounded awesome, with the maze thingy, but no, I abhor it so much because I felt so awkward, to enter the room (forced to enter because yeah, they blocked the path) just to go to the end of the hall. Can you feel the awkwardness that both I and those sellers felt? 

I felt awkward to enter the room which had booths but did not stop to look at them. I had to pretend to look around to ease my awkwardness.

They felt awkward of people coming into the room but did not stop to look at what they were selling especially when they were waiting for customers

Can you imagine it? The disappointment and awkwardness you feel when people are coming inside your shop but they do not stop to look around, because apparently they are using your shop as one path to go to another place. I do not know about you, I feel it, and I dislike it. 

Another reason which makes this event is my worst event is because of someone whom I shall not reveal. I do not want to say anything about that person besides the fact that person ruined my day. Period.

Some pictures before I ran away with Erin, and Wawa went YOLO sleeping at the back of the hall.

The boots we all wore. :v

And our glove. :v :v

Allen!Ateen and Kirito!Wawa~ 

This Miku was so happy that she managed to capture Kirito :v

Apparently this was our theme that day; black and white. :v


Miku looked so shock with Allen's long nails? :v

Erin was still adorable even though we were supposed to make 'rage face' X'D

Ahehehehe~ OuO

//fly away

Oh, Erin apparently made one small photoshoot for me when we were running away from that person. X'D

Can this be my picture for any of my identification card? //slapped

Or this? OuO)

Ngeeeee >s<

Miku nyaa? //kicked

This Miku was feeling so sad and melancholy and was wondering WHERE THE HECK WAS HER KAITO
Kay. Kidding. 

And she resolved to be a yandere OuO)

One of the pictures I like during this impromptu photoshoot >u<)/

I love this picture. So much. Very. Really. 

And that was the end of my day. Since right after this small photoshoot we saw that person again at this hallway we were at, and that person did something that made me "That's it. I'm going back". 

Just right after my mood was getting better, that person plummeted it down again. 


#'Photoshoot photos' are all mine, with Erin as the phototag X'D
#Other photos are credited to Ateen and Wawa. 


  1. orz.. our photo together are so few Twt.. are u ok that day?/ if I ddid any wrong I'm very sorry >< -ruka-

    1. Www couldn't be helped both of us went missing doing something else X'D
      Ahh I was alright, the irritation just managed to bring my mood down all in all I was okay. UnU

  2. good thing I went to uitm jfest :) and we took lovely photos with others too :D .. I really looking forward to meet u and others again next time :D I feel alive when I go to events meeting u guys