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ArsMagna; 2.5 Dimensional Cosplay Dance Group!

ArsMagna 3D version in their school uniform.

ArsMagna 3D version in their combat uniform.

ArsMagna 2D version. 

"ARSMAGNA (アルスマグナ) is a dance unit consisting of five members who are known for their unique outfits. They are Kento Kurou, Sou Izumi, Bak Witt, Tatsuki Sakakibara and Akira Kano.

They are pretty famous for dancing to high-energy songs particularly those by the producer Giga-P in which, their dance cover of Gigantic O.T.N has already reached more than 1 million views in Nico Nico Douga. In addition, they also like adding comedy skits in their dance.

ARSMAGNA is part of a cosplay group called Chronos Senior High School. In this group, four members roleplay as students and Kento Kurou as their sensei or teacher. They usually stay faithful to their character roles when performing but sometimes, they dance normally. Tatsuki Sakakibara also has maids which serve him. They are the group BoopBoopBeeDoop who are also part of the cosplay group. He also has a pink rabbit stuffed toy named "Constantine" who thinks on its own and plans world domination" 

A complete rip off from Odorite Wikia because that's the introduction used by them in their introductory video. Yes, I'm lazy like that but whatever. :v

Ah, apparently they're called as 2.5 Dimensional Cosplay Dance Group because they claim one time they will be in 2D and if they have to be performing live, they will become 3D. Those absurd dorks hnngghh! *lovelove*

Anyway, let's move on to introduction of each member of the group which I've fallen hard since few weeks ago. 

Kanou Akira
Official character descriptions:
"He has a strong sense of duty, and is bright and lively. He is quick to get in a fight, and never runs out of fresh wounds. He has good reflexes and is a popular person who never runs out of requests from different clubs asking for support, starting with his specialty of basketball. On the other hand, he also has an awkward and easily lonely side. He occasionally gets hurt from pranks which don’t have bad intentions."

He is in Year 2 Class A in Chronos High School. He is so adorable and he loves to laugh. A lot. I like his laugh though; adorable. I see him as the leader of the group, maybe because he is the spokeperson of the group. Ah, he is also singing and gosh I love it! 
His colour is red. :3

Izumi Sou
Official character description:
"He is always calm and composed, a cool prodigy. He an impregnable member of the disciplinary committee, feared by the students as “‘Sou’ the bringer of extreme discipline to Chronos Academy.” He often clashes with Akira, who often breaks the rules. In order to protect his fingers for playing piano, he wears white gloves."

He is in Year 2 Class A, along with Akira. He is pretty. Gorgeous, indeed. His dancing is also pretty! He is also adorable, especially when he is smiling that small smile of him. He really is in his character. He rarely speaks and does not even laugh when people tell jokes. However, if he does find the jokes hilarious, he will turn around and face behind to regain back his composure, or he will just cover his mouth using his hand. Apparently he is a lady killer. Ah, his trademark is his white gloves. I have not seen him without his gloves. XD
His colour is blue. :3

Park Witt
Official character description:
"He is full of energy, pure, and honest. As he always tries his very best with all his strength, he has trouble recovering if he is hurt once. He is half Korean and half Japanese, but was actually born and raised in Japan. His Korean knowledge is limited to greetings."

He is in Year 1 Class B. He is so adorable and funny and dorky and adorable! Oh, did I mention he is adorable? He has the most exaggerated face expression which why makes him adorable. XD And he has the most energy. I love watching him dancing. 8D
His colour is green. :3

Sakakibara Tatsuki
Official character description:
"He is an extremely shy person, but once you get close to him, he becomes a spoiled character. The stuffed rabbit “Constantine” doesn’t leave his hands. He is the only person at Chronos Academy who receives the special treatment of being allowed to live at his own house, as everyone lives in dorms. He lives surrounded by toys and candy and maids and butlers."

He is in Year 3 Class C. He is an angel angel angel angel angel angel angel angel angel! He is so innocent and pure all ArsMagna's members are taking care of him. Oh, he get embarrassed easily so you will often see him fanning his face using his hand. XD
His colour is yellow. :3

Kurou Kentou
Official character description:
"A science teacher at Chronos Academy and the board chairman’s son. He is currently homeroom teacher of Akira and Sou’s second year, group A. He has a reputation of having the ability to take action and be decisive when it counts, and is a bachelor who has the air of having the composure of an adult. He lives to drink after work and smoke inconspicuously in the science preparation room."

Apparently he is the most childish member in the group. He is easily losing his concentration. People are talking and he is playing at the back. Ones, during interview, other members were talking to each other while he was playing with the microphone like, staring deeply into the microphone because he said 'it sucks him in'. Oh, sensei. XD
His colour is purple. :3

I have known about them since last year, to tell the truth, but I did not really spare a glance to them because I was not really into Len's Gigantic O.T.N at that time (when I first heard the song I was like "what is this?" and so I so closed the tab thus I never had the chance to look properly at ArsMagna wwwwww). However, few weeks ago, I have decided to watch back the video and bam-! I fall hard for them. Wwwwwww! 

I watch every video that they recorded and every show which has them as guests, and I fallen deeper and deeper I think someone needs to throw me rope ladder in case I am out from sight. :v

They started around 2011 but it was a dark age for them. Apparently they did not have their character and they never really started anything. Then, in 2012 they started to get serious, in which they had their own character and worked in it, and they also have started to make videos. 

Gigantic O.T.N. 
This is the one which makes their popularity boosts up like crazy. 

Cloud Rider.
 Another epic dance from them. I love this one! :D

Plus Danshi
Sequel from Gigantic O.T.N, the dance is much epic! 8D

Haiboku no Shounen.
The end is just so- hnnngghh! Apparently AkiraSou's shippers are going crazy over the scene. That's including me wwwwwww!

Viva Happy
Adorkable babies are adorkable hnngghhhh!

Their popularity getting bigger and bigger. They had come to Singapore in January for 'school trip', and now lots of people around the world have been asking them to come to their countries. I don't really think it's possible but maybe they can do it? In miracle, that is. 

As usual, I have my own ships in this group wwwwwww! Lots of fans also have their own ships regarding this group. The most famous ship is AkiraSou I think. There are also WitTatsuki and SenseiTatsuki, and SouTatsuki, IzumiWitt and SenseiEveryone.

Mai Oh-Ti-Peeehhh~

Been dubbed as 2A couple, because they are in the same class wwwww! Some says it's PapaIzumi and MamaAkira but I believe in the other way around. :v 

Adorable with adorable is just so ADORABLE! //screECH. I love them so much. I notice they like to flirt/cuddle with each other a lot during shows. XD

SenseiEveryone? XD
Because it's Sensei. //slapped. :v

Apparently they have nickname given by fans and also by each other. Here is it jajyaann! 

Kanou Akira: New Potato/Potato ("Shinjaga"/"Jaga"). It stuck because Witt likes to call him that www XD
Izumi Sou: Lettuce. It is also because of Witt who said "because Sou-senpai seems like a person who likes lettuce" oh that boy www!
Park Witt: Cola. Most probably because he likes to use cola in his gag. :v
Sakakibara Tatsuki: "Enoki" (long, thin, white mushroom) or Enokikku by Sensei. >8D
Kurou Kentou: "Daikan" (radish); called by fans because of skits they did. It also means 'ham actor' XD

I have asked for some help from clock08-san at her tumblr and she had replied for my inquiry. Read hers for more information. OuO)b

Ah, here are some websites about them. :3

Official Niconico account: アルスマグナ
Official Blog: アルスマグナ
Official Facebook account: アルスマグナ
Fan: clock08 (she does translations about some of the shows)

Well, that's it for now. I'm going back to continue writing fanfic of them. Aaaaa I don't know where to post the stories should I make a tumblr? Hmmmmmmmmmm. @n@



- 25/4/15 -

I add a section here for just a one-shot of AkiraIzumi fanfic (because I still don't know where should I post it-- :v)


Izumi Sou sighed as he pushed the glasses back to its position before he entered the room. It was after school already, and like usual, when he came to their club room, he would be the first person to be there.

The member of Disciplinary Committee went to the table at the middle of the room and he looked at it in dismay.

“Why can’t they clean it up after they’ve used it?” He sighed and moved to take all those papers away and put them inside a cabinet against the wall.

“Oh, sankyuu Izumiccho~”

Sou turned around to look at the new voice. Kanou Akira was grinning at him as the red haired boy leaned at the door. Akira continued to grin as he stepped inside the room. He grabbed one of the chairs and sat down with his legs at each side, and his arms folded on top of the chair’s back. Sou glared slightly at the boy, and he then noticed one additional adhesive bandage plastered on the boy’s nose’s bridge.

“Get into a fight again, Akira?”

Akira grinned and rubbed his nose. “Those losers are jealous of my awesomeness”

Sou rolled his eyes and moved to make some tea for both of them, and their upcoming members. Akira only watched the white haired boy with interest. Sou decided to ignore the stare as he moved around the room, getting snacks to accompany the tea.

“You should stop fighting, Akira” Sou said as he put down the cups on the table.

“I can’t help it. It’s impulse, impulse!” Akira reached out his hand to take the cookies. “And man doesn’t run away if people ask him for a fight!”

The stern boy huffed and sat down at one of the chairs, and sipped the tea. “One day you’ll get injured worse than this”

“Eh? What is this? You’re worried about me? The Demon of Chronos Academy; Izumi Sou is worried about me?” The red haired boy laughed and wriggled his eyebrow.

“Idiot” Sou muttered under his breath. He was close on beating up the other boy himself for being annoying.

Akira continued to laugh and commented something regarding the white haired boy being a tsundere. Sou glared at his fellow classmate and group mate before he swiftly shoved few cookies inside the boy’s mouth so he would stop laughing. 

It worked. 


“Sorry, sorry” Akira snickered as he swallowed the cookies. “Anyway, sankyuu for getting worried about me”

Sou wanted to retort that no, he was not worried about him, but apparently he couldn’t say anything as the red haired boy was smiling at him and ruffling his hair. Akira gave the stern boy last pat on his head before he stood up and walked out from the room.

“Nice tea” Akira grinned. “Request for another next time, So-u-kun~”


And the red haired boy disappeared from the room. Right after that, Park Witt and Sakakibara Tatsuki walked inside the room, looking confused because they saw Akira was smiling and skipping away, before they looked at Sou who was sitting still at the chair.

“Something happened?” Tatsuki blinked.

“Your face is red, Sou-senpai” Witt remarked as he skipped towards the table, feeling delighted to see the snack.

“Ah, youth” Kurou Kentou, the Science teacher nodded his head as he munched the cookie.

Sou immediately turned to look at the teacher who was sitting in front of him, sipping the tea and eating the snacks like nothing happened, with wide eyes. “You’re here from the beginning?”

Kentou only smiled and continued to eat the snacks. Watching those two boys had been one of his favourite pastimes to do since the first day he was assigned to be those two’s homeroom teacher.

Ah, such youthful.

Sou was growling under his breath though, mumbling something regarding what would school board’s director say if he found his son just disappeared without a trace one day. 

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