Thursday, 29 May 2014

C2AGE '14 (Day2 - 11May)

For the second day of the event, Wardahchi had joined us (she couldn't join us for the first day as she went to Penang to accompany her older sister).

Just like on Saturday, we began our journey early in the morning that we arrived at KLCentral around Like usual, normal 'people' will stare at us (because of our costumes which we just hung at hangers along with Ateen's chainsaw that she hugged all the way during the journey XD)

This time, we spent quite some time there as we had to wait for Ruka-neechan who was getting ready in her costume. And so we decided to sit near the board which has the plan of KLCentral (and it is located at the middle of the way :v), making a circle like we had some campfire there. X'D

Oh, we met Erin there too. She was already in her costume; not complete though and wow- she looked gorgeously adorable! Is the term even exist lol whatever. I still couldn't believe that she's taller than me although she is way younger than me. I feel so intimidated hokai? I always feel intimidated whenever I need to talk with someone who is taller than me. _(:'3ZJ

Though I think Ruka-neechan feel more intimidated than me? Since she's so small and adorable and- //kena piak

As we were waiting for Ruka-neechan, AbeRif came and joined us. He looked dashingly handsome with his 'butler outfit'. You know, black trousers, white shirt, black vest and black blazer draped on his arm- just so handsome. :3

Then, Ruka-neechan finally with done her preparation. She was also cosplaying as the same character as Erin, but in different version. I felt kind of happy because it meant I had two fiances that time and thus I took the chance to walk with each of my arms encircled around theirs, with me of course in the middle. Much happy. Very like it. >w<)/

AbeRif acted really like a butler hokai? Although he wasn't going to cosplay as butler but he really did act like one. I had some heart palpitations in which it beat so fast and quick as I had to fight down my urge to squeal out loud. He helped us with our luggage, he hold up the elevator for us, he shielded us from people when we were being squeezed in train. Just- so- //screECH


Anyway, as soon as we arrived at the event, we quickly went to the toilet to change our outfit. Erin and Ruka-neechan finished first as they only needed to wear the outer outfit. Although Ateen was also supposed to finish early as she also did the same like those two, but I hold her up since I needed her to help me wearing my costume. Even Wardahchi had been dragged in by me to help me with my costume. :v

Thank you so much Ateen, and Wardahchi. //lots of kisses for both of you

And Sammychi! Gawd Sammychi thank you for helping me with my makeup since Ateen was busy with hers I love you foreverrrrr ;w; //clings to Sammychi like a koala

Anyway, Erin, Ruka-neechan, Wardahchi and Sammychi went down first, leaving me, Ateen and AbeRif to finish changing. I believed we took quite long time because when we went down, I couldn't see Wardahchi and Sammychi anymore. I think they already went inside the hall. Sorry my both beautiful babies! ;A;

We met up with Erin and Ruka-neechan with they exclaiming "Finally, our fiancee is coming". But then, Erin told me that she wanted to change into her another costume because her eye was hurting, with the eye patch that covering her eye.

Of course, I couldn't let her go first before we took picture together. :v

Now it's finally revealed what characters were we cosplaying eyh? XD
So, Elizabeth got two fiances for the first part of the day. >w<)/

We were doing Kuroshitsuji cosplay group on that day with Ateen as the kaichou for our group. :3 She was the one who asked people around on who wanted to join us as a group and she managed to recruit quite some awesome people. 

Oh, as we were waiting for our group members, I decided to take picture with my date. 

Elizabeth with Grell weeee~ >w<)/
Thanks AbeRif for helping me with the picture. 

Then, Takeru (who was cosplaying as Sebastian) and Azwan (who was cosplaying as Baldroy) came and joined us. Since Sebastian already came, Ciel (Ruka-neechan) decided to dump me to elope with him. Poor Elizabeth okay? //kena piak XD

Moments later, both Elise and Tasya also joined us with both of them were cosplaying as Madam Red. And since Madam Red is Ciel's aunty, they decided to have little family reunion, in which Elizabeth could only stand at the side. _(:'3ZJ

Our group was still in chaos because we didn't know where to go. Ateen was already went missing and when she came back, she brought along another Sebastian; Leon. Obviously Ciel was so happy for 'him' to have two butlers. Aaaaa I was so jealous! >A<)

Oh, we had took some pictures while still in chaos. XD

MadamRed and her nephew Ciel~

Madam Red and her nephew's fiancee; Elizabeth. :D

MadamRed and William. :3

MadamRed and her butler; Grell. 8D

Wootwoot what what is this so scandalous! XD

MadamRed manga version and anime version. 8D

When we had some discussion of where to go. :v

And this two managed to take picture together aaaaaaaaaaaa so jelly! >A<)

Apparently Ateen's chainsaw had been quite popular among us. XD

Erin also finally done changing her costume and she went back to us as Alois. Since Ciel was eloping with Sebastian, I decided to go cheating on 'him' with Alois, and apparently Alois gladly accepted me (is it as a revenge on Ciel? XD). 

Elizabeth was helping Alois to secure the ribbon. :3

So they had become frienemies? XD

Even got to take picture with Kakkoi!Sebastian okai?

Alois managed to find his butler Claude~ 

As our members were already complete, we decided to walk around in group. I was having quite hard time to walk because my dress was so long that it reached the floor, and people kept on stepped on it, that my petticoat actually fell down. I quickly grabbed Ateen and whispered my problem, in which she immediately took my hand and dragged me away, running to find some secluded place.

Others then told us that we looked like, "Grell and Elizabeth were running away eloping". XD

Pictures taken when we were walking around the mall. 
Somehow the 'girls' had to sit down or else the scale would be too large for taking picture. :v

Another one taken when we walked around the mall. 
Erin claimed that Alois was like wearing a wedding veil, as if 'he' was marrying Sebastian. XD

Tasya loved this picture so much she edited it herself. 
We loved it so much we used it as our cover photo. Hehe thanks for the lovely editing, Tasya!

Tasya secretly took this picture of Ruka-neechan and I.
I didn't really remember what actually happened that I laughed _(:'DZJ

Another picture together weeeeeee~

Moe!Grell ahahaha so adorableeee! >w<)

Then we decided to go out to take picture because there were lots of people in the mall, but somehow lots of cosplayers already outside too haha. _(:'DZJ 

A shoot of William~ 

And a shoot of Grell~

Death Kiss from deathly pair :3

When Ciel wanted to 'punish' Sebastian for leaving him to go to William. :v

Kyaa kyaa! 

The boys of our group. :3

Moe!Sebastian did his job as a butler as he helped his master to tie the shoelaces. D'awwwww~

Another discusion lawl XD

Elizabeth was showing her fiance some pictures? :v

Kakkoi!Sebastian and Moe!Sebastian which makes Sebascest //screECH
Tasya was absolutely an expert in taking candid picture that she managed to capture this moment.
I tell you, we the girls (except for Ateen) were going crazy when we looked at this picture. We were screaming and fangirling hard, no kidding. The boys were really confused with us that time. XD

Oh, after we had done walking around the mall, we decided to have lunch. However, we were having some discussion on where to have it. Anyway, during that time, Leon had to go to have lunch with her girlfriend, Elise already went to her friends while Take went out to search for his friend who he said would be joining us after lunch. 

Candid by AbeRif. :v

And when we noticed it we 'demanded' for the real one. XD

Taken by me. Gyahaha! XD

Then Alois joined us~

Where did Ateen go this time eyh? Since Tasya was holding her chainsaw and all. @A@

Oh, there she was, with AbeRif ahaha! XD

Another shoot of both of them!

First picture was candid by AbeRif. And obviously after I noticed it, I 'demanded' the real one. :v

Gorgeous Tasya as Madam Red~

Lalalala //roll away

Took picture with this cutie cosplayer! She's so adorable!

Met up with Mihara-san she's so gorgeous! ;v;

Then, after some more discussions, we decided to go inside the hall to eat. Going up to the top floor, we went to the cafe. There, we met up again with Leon and his girlfriend (gawd such beautiful couple) and also Take and his friend; which actually Falcon-san aaaaaaaaaaaa oh god oh god such happy but I felt so shy because she is like this awesome one and hnggghhhh-

Going inside the mall weeee~

Another candid picture from Tasya.
Ateen was feeding me aaaaaaaaaaa I felt so loved hoohoo~ >w<)

I managed to finally met my kouhai Emil! >u<)

I met again with my BB Sammychi aaaaaaaaaaaaaa she's so adorable and beautiful and gorgeous ;v;
Wardahchi was the one who took this picture thank you bby~ 

Selfie with ma BB~ *heartheart*

Then we decided to walk around the main hall after we had some lunch. And somehow I was separated with Sammychi and Wardahchi. ;A; I had to go to my group and I also wanted to go to them. Then, then, I saw someone was taking picture of them so I turned back to my group and when I turned back to them, I couldn't see them anymore. Ngeeee! >n<)/

Met Rennichi when walked around the hall adorable Kuroko aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Then after done walking around the hall (it was small anyway nothing to see), we decided to gather at one place; we were just standing along the wall as to not wanting to disturb people who wanted to look around. And, as usual, we began to be crazy. XD

One prove of our craziness when Ciel (Ruka-neechan) was proposing to Ciel (Falcon-san).
Cielcest anyone? XD

And both Ciels were beating Izaya. XD

Got to take picture with Falcon-san I felt so happy! //squeal

So basically I had three poses with her nyuuuuutttt >//<)

Family potrait~

Behind the scene lawl XD
MadamRed was really fond on Grell's chainsaw okai? :v

Another family potrait~

With her butler. :3

What is this? Another scandalous picture! Huweeee //run to Alois

Phantomhive Family~

Elise and Leon already gone lorh this time huhu

Moe!Sebastian was the one who took this picture ahaha! XD

We managed to kidnap Ran-Mao as she was about to go downstairs. 
Hahaha thank you 'MaoMao'~

And apparently we were in Youtube ahahaha gawd! 
With hands flailing and waving to call others for the picture aaaaaaaaaaaaaa //run hiding inside a box

After we had spent some time here, finally we decided to go down. At the mall, I'd decided to change my costume back to normal because it was already 4:00p.m (since we had set the time to go back anyway). 

When William wears turban and songkok 
Very versatile hokai? XD

But but but then after I changed my costume I just realized that I didn't take real pictures with Sammychi and Wardahchi and oh gawd my beautiful babies I apologize for disappointing both of you asdjlaesjjjdfjhsddhkjdfkds huweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee QAQ I promise after this we'll hang out just like we usually did eyh? Eyh? //clings to legs crying sobbing snorts coming out

//curls up I think that's it. Bubai. 

#Most of the pictures are Tasya's, some are other photographers', some are mine. 
# Group members (such awesome people you are I love you guys muaahh!);
Ciel Phantomhive Blue version: Hiruka N Akira
Ciel Phantomhive Red version: Falcon Black
Kakkoi!Sebastian Michaelis: Leon Lam
Moe!Sebastian Michaelis: Takeru Kenji Takeru
Elizabeth Midford: Ada-chin YaoiLoverz (me)
Manga!Madam Red: Anastasya Edata
Anime!Madam Red: Elise Shizuka
Grell Sutcliff: Kiera Desu
William T. Spears: Rimbunan Beringin
Alois Trancy: Erin Jaeger


  1. wah.. so many my scandalous photos>< u all paparazzi should give me a privacy lol jk -Ruka-

    1. Scandalous photos are awesome hokai? //kena piak XD