Sunday, 25 May 2014

C2AGE '14 (Day1 - 10May)

It was my first time to go to this event since I didn't get the chance to go there last year. I went there together only with my date, Teen. Since we didn't know how to go to HELP University; the venue where the event was held, we decided to begin our journey earlier than other events we had went. Around 6:30 a.m, I already went out from my house at Seksyen17 and boarded into a bus which came around 6:45 a.m. 

Such early. Much surprised. XD

I arrived at Seksyen2 around 7 a.m and met my date there. She was cosplaying as Hibiki, still adorb as always. :3 

Oh, I decided not to cosplay that day. Too lazy. 

We boarded the U80 bus to go to KLCentral, and Teen decided to do crazy thing by finishing her makeup (she had done the eye parts first) in the bus. It was funny to see people's reaction though. They were completely confused and lost (since 'normal' people usually don't do makeup-ing in bus). Live a life, people. Be crazey. XD

Around 7:50 a.m, we arrived at KLCentral. Honestly, we were astonished at the fact we were there so early, because usually we would set our feet there around 10 a.m. :v

Anyway, since we didn't know which route to take to go to ChanSowLin station (we only know the last destination to go but not how to go ^^"), we decided to go to the counter and ask for help. The worker told us to go to Masjid Jamek first and then changed our train so we could go to ChanSowLin. 

Oh, somehow we managed to find someone (he was the one who approached us actually, maybe because he saw Teen who was cosplaying) who wanted to go to the same destination. He was from Kuantan, and apparently the leader of his group is my friend at Facebook. Okay, got some connection there. _(:3JZ

We arrived at the ChanSowLin around 8:30 a.m. And we saw there were already cosplayers there, lurking around the mall. Since the event started at 10a.m, I decided to change my outfit at the mall's toilet. Well, just took off my trousers and wore wig and voila- I'm done. :v

Then we went to redeem our tickets.

And around 10a.m finally the staff let us in. They had booths at each floor started from third floor up to top floor (top floor was for food anyway), and the fifth floor was the main hall. It was.. small. But okay, I guess. 

Selfie with ma date. Oh, she brought along Hibiki nendoroid 8D

Casual!Miku only lorh. :v
Oh, the awkward pose was because my friends wanna me to show them my nails. _(:3ZJ

I think this is better? //kena piak XD

We just walked around at each floor, completely lost on what to do, and just decided to stand near the pillar. Then, we heard some commotions behind us, and suddenly people (the staffs) appeared behind the pillar where I was leaning and shouted something like "Make a room!", and- and- and- REIKA-SAMA AND HIRRO-SAN PASSED BY ME! JUST RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

I was so surprised because never crossed my mind I would be able to see them. Sure, I was hoping "Oh, I wish I can see Reika-sama and Hiiro-san" but I was so certain that I wouldn't be able to do so since lots of people want to see them, and they even paid for that. 

Ateen quickly dragged me to follow the guests. Almost everyone was following them like little ducks trotting behind their mom anyway. XD

It was revealed that Reika-sama and other guests were going to sell their postcards and photobooks. We weren't allowed to take picture with them, and only those who wanted to buy their goods could shake hands with them.

Ateen and I just took pictures of the guests from behind the yellow line. :v

//dumped all the pictures of Reika-sama and Hiiro-san here. 

But as we watched those people bought the postcards, we decided to buy them too. XD 

Oh, we saw this one person managed to get a hug from both Reika-sama and Hiiro-san and we were like so envious and jealous and rawr. 

Reika-sama and Hiiro-san were so adorable and gawd their voice such beautiful and since I bought both Reika-sama's and Hiiro-san's postcards each, I got to shake hand with both of them aaaaaaaaaa I felt so happy and could actually float if there is no gravity, and reality! 

Le me with le postcards weeeee~ 

After that, we went back to the main hall. As we walked near the stage, I heard one announcement that Kaotsun would be performing at 2:30p.m and it was only 1:00p.m on that time. But I was so determined to watch her performance that I sat at the stage area, and Ateen walked around the hall to find her friends.

And guess who I met when I was sitting there, awkwardly alone? 

IT WAS KAOTSUN! //screech

Apparently, this one aunty who was sitting in front of me was her mother. She just came back from interview and went to tell her mother. I was so happy and excited because she was just next to me! With phone clutching in my hands, I waited until she finished talking to her mother so I could take picture with her.

Oh, I knew she would be performing at this event because I saw her post on Facebook, asking if there was anyone who know how to dance HareHareYukai. I commented on the post and she asked me to join her, which I sadly had to decline because of my classes.

She noticed me anyway. Welp, I was there, standing beside her, clutching phone in hands, squirming excitedly. Who wouldn't notice?

After she finished talking with her mother, she turned to me and said "Hello, Miku" and inwardly I was like "ASKJASHDDBHSNAKSKJ" but outside I just grinned sheepishly. 

Then, when I asked her if I could take picture with her, I took the chance to introduce myself. "Hello, Kaotsun! I was Ada-chin YaoiLoverz, the one who asked you about this performance at Facebook" and she was like "Oh, it's you!" with happy grin. 


I've been admiring her since 2011, where I was still a hardcore fangirl of Kpop. I've always watched her cover dances and I love her so much and now she is also slowly involved with anime world and so- ;u;

I actually wanted to take picture OF her, but she went to stand beside me to take selfie WITH me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa //flailing

And her member was kind enough to help me to take picture of us. //cries happily

After that she hugged me (died happily again), and went to have some practice with her members. And of course, I recorded their practice. 

Sorry for the squeak I was just so happy when she did that to me huhu ;v;

Then, when it was finally 2:30p.m, they went to do the performance. I went to stand as near as to the stage as I could (since actually I was sitting at the last row) and recorded her performances. The first song was HareHareYukai and the second song was Shy Boy Japanese version. 

After the performance, she once again hugged me as I congratulated her for her performances. //screECH

With me still in 'in bliss mode', I decided it was time to go back as it was already 3:00p.m. 

Oh, when we went down to the mall, I stumbled upon my group (Project Coser) who was still dancing there. I stopped by to talk with someone (Ateen's friend) and heard some songs as they were choosing which one to be played for them to dance. I playfully shouted "Happy Synthesizer" because I've been wanting to dance the song.

Somehow they did play the song. And somehow the place where I was talking with my friend was actually the 'stage' for them to dance. Some of them were already taking their position in front of me and began to dance as the song began. I was like "Eyh? Eyh? What?" and just automatically followed them to dance, with my backpack still on. 

Ateen and her friend were just standing at the side watching me. But when it reached the bridge part of the song, I quickly sneaked away from the dancing group and went to Ateen. 

My face was like "Did I just dance in the middle of the crowd?" and Ateen just nodded her head. Okai. _(:'3ZJ

Quickly I tugged her hand and walked away from the mall, exclaiming we were already late to go back. Ateen gave some remarks like "You're the one who suddenly dance there" and I just "Lalala" covering my ears and quickened my pace. :v

Honestly, I never thought that day would be an exciting day. Never crossed my mind I would be able to see Reika-sama and Hiiro-san, but I did, and heck I even managed to get to shake their hands. Never crossed my mind I would meet Kaotsun, but I did, and heck we took picture together and she hugged me. Never crossed my mind I would be dancing in the middle of the crowd, but I did.

All in all.


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