Monday, 14 April 2014

Animax Carnival '14 (Day2 - 30March)

For the second day of this event, Saki and Ainna did not follow us. Therefore, we changed our plan. Kiera and I went to Saki's house for her to do our makeup, while Wardahchi would wait for us at KTM. Yes, we decided to straight away went to MidValley without stopping at KLCentral. 

Anyway, since we had to do makeup, we took great deal of time. Wardahchi kept on messaging us because she had been waiting for us -alone- for almost one hour, and because she already wore her Kirito's costume that made those 'normal' people stared at her. Most apologies, Wardahchi. QnQ *squeeze*

Kiera and I quickly took the cab (because we would then take another hour if we waited for the bus to come) and went to KTM station. Somehow, just our.. not-so-luck, the train to MidValley just departed as soon as we reached the station. 

I did not wear my costume yet, because I planned on changing it at MidValley. However, seeing our condition at that time (especially when Sammychi already waited for us at MidValley and I did not want to make anyone waited for us anymore), I decided to change my costume there and then at the station. As I went to the ladies, Kiera just wore her jacket to complete her cosplay. Buuuuu >3<)/

Obviously, 'normal' people would stare. I mean- sure they took great distance between us and them but yeah, they would stare. Meehh. 

So, after waiting for about twenty minutes or something, the train came and we immediately boarded into it. The journey was quite long; maybe because it had to stop in each station whether there was people or not wanting to board the train, unlike bus which could go without stopping if there was no people at bus stop.

As soon as we reached MidValley, I immediately called Sammychi because she had given me message that she (and her friend) would be waiting for us at Sushi King, but I did not know where it is located (I told you guys I have never been to MidValley before this). Thankfully, my sweet BB here was so kind that she waited for us outside the shop in case we missed the shop. Huhuhu thank you, BB! QvQ

This time both of us cosplayed as Miku Senbonzakura~
Well, she is my twin after all kyaaaaa~ >w<

Kiera as Hibiki for the second day~

After eating, we decided to go to Daiso, to have it as our 'camp base' for the day. Mostly it was because there is this one 'garden' in front of it, where people could sit there. At least this time we did not just randomly sit on the floor where we found convenient to be our 'camp base'. XD

Michigo managed to find us!

Byahahaha okayokay sorry.
(Photo credited to Sammychi)

Sammychi and Michigo~
(Photo credited to Sammychi)

Oh, during this time, Kiera already went to walk around, searching for her friends, and also senpai-tachi. I asked her to bring/kidnap Ami-senpai back to me if she found her, because I did not manage to take picture with her during the first day.


Ami-senpaaaiii~ *heartheart*

She's so preteh QvQ

Me and ma senpai weee~ 

Wardahchi and Ami-senpai. 

Sammychi with Ami-senpai~

Well, obviously Ami-senpai went back to her friends; Aple-senpai and Coco-senpai (yeah I did not manage to meet them for this day QnQ), so we decided to be crazy, just like what we did during the first day. Wardahchi had been appointed as our unofficial photographer to take pictures of Sammychi and I when we were doing our crazy things. Thank you, BB! *kisskiss*

We decided to take a shoot about 'Special Feeling', the popular Japanese meme. XD

Another shoot taken. XD
We kept on having NG because I could not control my laughs. X'D
(Taken using my camera)

This is the edited one~ 
Sammychi decided to use one that taken with my camera, maybe because it much closer? :v

I think this is the first shoot of the meme.
Wardahchi did not know that this meme is supposed to be taken up closer ahaha! XD
Oh, thank you Zaty (Sammychi's friend) for helping out to be our 'interviewer'

Another NG. XD

As we were being crazy, we saw Kelvin and we stopped for a while to take picture with him.

Someone stopped to take picture with us. //roll

Started to be crazy again. XD

Me: *stare with knowing smile*
Sammychi: What what?

Twins!Miku lovelove~ 
//kena piak

Chuu chuu~ ^3^)

Nyahaha sorry for this X'D 

Kirito!Wardahchi and Miku!Sammychi

Kirito!Wardahchi was teaching Miku!Sammychi how to use sword. :v

And then Miku!Sammychi practiced it right there and then. 

Kirito!Wardahchi wootwooottt~ >w<)/

Miku!Sammychi with Kirito's sword

Miku!Me also wanted to pose with Kirito's sword loorrh!

Seme!Miku and uke!Kirito AHAHAHAHA okaybye

This time posing with fan. XD

Wardahchi and I yayy!

Me and my date~! *heartheart*

Kiera BB~ 

#Photos are credited to Sammychi.

Time for Twins!Miku photos. Therefore, make sure you put on your seat belt, and have a bucket besides you, in cause you feel nausea. :v

I love this photo soooo much! 
But the bags always  photobomb us. Ever since during Comic Fiesta! OTL

#Photos are credited to Sammychi

Somehow, Misa (older sis of my kouhai, but she is at the same as me) also managed to find us. Well, we never moved from that spot anyway. That was why it was easy for people to find us. XD Oh, she was cosplaying as Mikasa.

#Photos are credited to Sammychi

Around 3:00 p.m, we (Wardahchi, Kiera and I) decided to go back because we would have a test the next day. Sammychi and Zaty did not mind, because they also did not have anything else to do there, however they wanted to go to TheMines because they wanted to karaoke. 

Before that, Kiera and Wardahchi wanted to withdraw their money so we went to Maybank at the ground floor. I accompanied them while Sammychi and Zaty went to search for something. And doing the queuing, I opened up our class's WhatsApp group and got a news that the supposed test was postponed to next week. I told Kiera and Wardahchi, and we decided that we would follow Sammychi and Zaty to have karaoke. XD

Then, Sammychi called out for me as soon as she saw me because she met Anatasya-nee, along with her friends. XD

Anatasya-nee as MadamRed.
She's soooo gorgeous! 
(Photo credited to Sammychi)

I only know Natalia (Sealand) here. ^//^")
(Photo credited to Sammychi)

I was about to walk away when suddenly she phoned me, just to confirm if it was really me that she saw.
Turned out she just behind me lawl. XD
She's my friend from high school. 8D

As I was waiting for Wardahchi to top-up her TouchNGo for me (I love you so much BB hugs and kisses for you), suddenly I heard someone was coughing as she walked past me (she did it very deliberately I could tell). I turned around, only to be surprised when I saw my beloved cousin cube was that person! 

She was just coming back from our hometown, and she was also surprised to see me there. XD

You are my carrot to my corn~ <3 font="">

After that, we proceeded with our plan; we went to TheMines. Since we were out from our world and back to the normal world, people were quite baffled to see us, boarding taxis from the KTM to the mall. :v

We took the chance to do selfie while waiting for Sammychi and Zaty who went to ladies. XD

Woohooo looking gorgeous there, ma date and BB! >uO)b

So, we went to the karaoke, singing for about two hours before we decided it was already late for us (Kiera, Wardahchi and I) since our place was quite far from TheMines, unlike Sammychi and Zati. Right after karaoke, I went to change my costume (yes, we were karaoke-ing with our costumes) at the karaoke's toilet. When we walked out from the place, the staffs there did not recognize me at all when I was in my normal attire. Oh boy. XD

For the first time in my life, during an event, I reached at my place at night, around 10p.m. Usually we would reach our place around 7p.m. However, I do not think I want to do this on every event. It is hella tiring hokei?