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Animax Carnival '14 (Day1 - 29March)

Finally, I have gotten the chance to update my journey/adventure/quest to Animax Carnival which was held on last month; 29th and 30th March at MidValley, Kuala Lumpur. 

So, this time I was alone from my house at Seksyen17 (yes, house. Because we did not get accepted into college/dorm and we have to stay at rent house) to travel to the bus stop at Seksyen2. My friends; Kiera and Wardahchi were at Seksyen2 so they were waiting for me (and also Saki my makeup artist and Ainna).

At Seksyen2, I saw Kiera and Wardahchi were standing among large group of people. Wardahchi already wore her Kirito costume, along with the sword that she made by herself, while Kiera was holding the chainsaw that she also made by herself. Then, I realized that those people were actually Luke and his gang (which I know them but I do not think they know me XD). Surprised was an understatement at that time. I could see why Luke was with us because I was the one who invited forced him to come with us, but the others? Nope. I did not even know they liked anime too! Anyway, we boarded into the U80 bus and proceeded to KLCentral.

Once we arrived at KLCentral, like usual, we went to change our clothes. Sammychi arrived and she joined us. Somehow I felt guilty towards the boys because they had to wait for us. Sorry guys. ^^")

The boys (aside from Luke) were surprised to see Kiera and I in our costumes. They said, "Woah, you changed completely into someone else!". Well, with makeup and all, not to mention we are actually wearing glasses, what do you expect? XD

I had to hold Kiera's chainsaw because she went to withdraw money. XD
(Photo credited to Sammychi)

When we were waiting for the KTM. 
(Photo credited to Sammychi)

Sammychi and I~ 

Sammychi and Wardahchi~
(Photo credited to Sammychi)

Once we arrived at MidValley, we went to the level where the event was held but dear God- it was full with humans! People had to queue up to enter the hall, and they could only enter the hall when their number was called. Yes, the amount of people there was too high that the staffs had to call people by batches.

We were quite disheartened to go inside the hall seeing those people, so we (the girls) decided to search for place to eat. We were starving anyway. We parted with the boys (because they already ate at KLCentral when they were waiting for us ^^") and began our journey to find the food. At first, we wanted to eat at McDonald but honestly, it was totally packed with cosplayers! Feeling dejected -and goddamn hungry-, we went to find the place with less people, which was Burger King. Well, I did not regret the choice. It is as good as McDonald. 

Andddddddd I took selfies! Because I found that I did not have enough pictures whenever I went to events, so I decided to take selfies with everyone that I meet. >8D

She was cosplaying as Kirito. *heartheart*

My BB twin! 
Yes, we were re-cosplaying ones during Comic Fiesta '13. :v

Saki my makeup artist! //kena piak 
Thanks darling for the makeup I love youuu~

Thank you for accompanying us, although you do not really know about our world. QvQ

Kiera my date as Grell! 
I love asking forcing her to be my date. I told everyone in my class that she is my date anyway. :v

Then, after lunch, we decided to go to MPH, which located exactly beside Burger King. Well, we did not really know where to go since the hall was completely out from our plan. 

Both of my BBs were looking at the book. I wonder what was Wardahchi showing Sammychi. Hmm. 

Anyway, after we went round and round inside MPH, where people were either looking at us or just ignoring us, we decided to go back to the level where the event was held. Sure, we did not enter the hall, but we just lounging around the hall, finding one place for us to make it as our 'camp base'. XD

I met both of senpais; Aple-senpai and Ami-senpai aaaaaaaaaa I felt so happy! QvQ
Aple-senpai was cosplaying as Armin while Ami-senpai was Izaya.

Aple-senpai and Ami-senpai then went to buy Chartime, and so we just stood there at our camp base, looking around for the other better cosplayers. Oh, and then we met again Pinky whom we actually met when we were waiting for KTM.

Selfie is a must. //kena piak

Sammychi and Pinky
(Photo credited to Sammychi)

Me and Pinky~ 
(Photo credited to Sammychi)

After that, we went crazy with each other. Saki and Ainna already walked around the mall; "It's MidValley, okay. Shopping." was what Ainna told us before she dragged Saki away. XD

This was before Saki being dragged away with Ainna. XD

We were tired of standing and decided to sit, but somehow posing with kneeling down. OTL

Aaaaaa I love this pic aaaaaa! *heartheart*

*blushblush* My twin and I. 

X'D Kbye.

Kiera who was resting but got her picture captured lalala

Okay that pose is totally out! X'D


Got to take picture with Kaito Senbonzakura version and also Kuroko yay!

Sammychi and Kiera~

Another shoot with Kiera yay!

Sammychi who wanted to take picture with Wardahchi's sword.

Hahaha..ha QwO

Asking forcing Wardahchi to wear bonnet will be our routine each event. *cackle*

#All of these photos here are credited to Sammychi

When we were in the middle of our craziness, Megat and Zelda who are from A.D.M group managed to find us. Then, Aple-senpai came back with Coco-senpai, so we decided to take pictures because the first time we did not have the chance to do so.

Megat and I~
He straight away came to me and asked me if I'm Ada-chin. XD

She was hesitating to greet me. I saw her whispering to her gangs before I boldly stared at her, because I also felt like I knew her that time. XD

Coco-senpai~ >w<

Aple-senpai and Kiera. Hehehe.

"I'm the promotional model for Chartime. I'm promoting it lorh." was what she said when we were taking this picture. XD

Coco-senpai as Crona. 
(Photo credited to Sammychi)

Sammychi and Coco-senpai. 
(Photo credited to Sammychi)

After that, Aple-senpai and Coco-senpai parted away with us because they wanted to search for Ami-senpai, since she was holding the camera. They wanted to take pictures with us too using their camera so they told us that if we met again, we would take picture together.

Then, Shouchi managed to find us. She was cosplaying Takano from Junjou Romantica if I'm not mistaken, so yeah, the picture taken with her is quite daring. XD

Selfie first. XD

Hahahaha okaybye.
She wanted to do it with Sammychi at first, but Sammychi was too shy to do this pose and suddenly Shouchi grabbed me and I just went along lawl. XD
(Photo credited to Sammychi)

Then she went away, just like a storm; suddenly appeared, and disappeared in the few moment. XD

We never moved from our 'camp base', only watching people passed by, posing when there was someone to take picture of us, and that was that. :v

Managed to spot the twins. I think this is the older twin.

And this is the younger twin.

She was completely afraid of taking selfie with me at first. Do I look like I eat people? QuQ

Around 4:00p.m, we decided to go back since we did not know what to do anymore. Before that, we went to Daiso because I wanted to find something, which I was greatly disappointed because I did not manage to find it. QnQ

Anyway, we met ones that we know; Reika, Airi and Vincent-nee in front of Daiso. And, I finally managed to meet my Facebook kouhai. XD

Preteh Raika is preteh. 

Selfie with my kouhai, Anna. *heartheart*

She was cosplaying Sanohara Anri. 

Homagerd Vincent-nee akdhfakgdagskhd she is so awesome! QvQ


And that was the end of our day at Animax Carnival for first day. Such tiring day, but yet I was so happy because I managed to meet lots of people! 

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