Tuesday, 23 December 2014

S.O.X Fantasy Fest '14 (Day1 - 22Nov)

There was another event which organized by Celcom, called as S.O.X Fantasy Fest which held at Kenanga Mall. I do not really sure if this was its first appearance but this was my first time to hear about this event. 

Anyway, Takeru decided to make Kuroshitsuji group again for the first day. Well, it had been about six months after we cosplayed that group. We managed to gather about half from our previous group for that day. 

I didn't wish to say anything about the event. As long as I had fun with my friends, then I'm okay. 

Apparently the masters; Ciel, Elizabeth and Madam Red were sitting at the 'exclusive seats' while the others were sitting at 'commoner seats', and that was why I was laughing. X'D 

Grell was having a 'discussion' with Sebastian. OuO

Afufufu UvU

HuehueHUEHUEHUE //cough

Ayyy got to take picture with BJD Senbonzakura Miku thanks to the owner Firua-san for giving the permission to hold her >u<)/

Preteh Miku ish Miku 

Papa and Miku ~v~)

After we had a lunch, we decided to go back to the somewhat hall. It was actually at the 15th floor of the mall; an open space with big fans on the ceiling. Yup.

Because fabulous Sebastian needed more wind to enhance his fabulous-ness :v 


They swapped their jackets XD 

Ayyy happy Elizabeth with her not-so-happy fiance OuO

Ahehehehe U//U

A shot of William pulling Grell's hair. Ever heard a phrase of "boy pulling a girl's pigtails"? Fuehuehue.

Papa, you were thinking of whom eyh? XD

Madam Red and her butler; Grell! 
Oh, and little Sebastian too. OuO

Wwww Papa photobombing at the back X'D 

Madam Red and her nephew before they had a dance together >u<

Ayyy managed to drag le fiance to have a dance together XD

All in all, that was what we did for that day. Walked around together, goofing around and did crazy things together before we went back home. 


Because we are so adorable //kicked to the Moon

This was when Madam Red was so angry to William who always 'kidnapped' her camera to delete some pictures. XD

Wait- who lead who in this dance again? XD

NG of Ciel asking Lizzy for a dance. Both of us were trying to stifle our laughs. X'D

I had fun. Not because the event, but because of those moments I spent with my group members. 

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