Wednesday, 17 October 2012

MUET Speaking Test. Rawr! (」゜ロ゜)」

So, I finally gone through that dreaded day of my life; MUET Speaking Test. It was.. okay. Lame, I know. OTL

It stated that my test would be on 7:30am, at SM Teknik BukitPiatu, Melaka so my mom who has principle of "Go early, we are the one who should wait, not them" told me to head there around 6:30am from home. And I reached there at 7:00am, alone, and kinda helpless as I strolled around to find the place for that Speaking test. I managed to get there and guess what? The library (the test venue) was still closed so I had to stand at the corridor, alone. Did I mention I was alone?

Around 7:15am, more candidates came and I began to feel intimidated by them especially these two Chinese girls who had this frown on their face. Ngee. Oh, the examiners came and did some preparation in the library, blablabla.

7:30am, we were being asked to come inside the library and being sorted into groups. I got to be in the fourth group. Thankfully all my group members were easy to get along with. Weee~ *cheer*

9:30am, it was finally our turn. I was really nervous but I tried to hide it. Though I think it was useless since people often told me I am so transparent that they could guess whatever my feeling/thought are. Huwaaa~ Thankfully the question was easy, and I got to be Candidate C so I guess I don't feel too nervous. Task B was awesome. We had this discussion about how to judge person's character which 1. by looking at his friends, 2. by how he reacts in emergency case, 3. by how he treats his parent and 4. by his appearance.

Of course my point of Task A was 'by he treats his parent' but then I decided to go for point 1 which I think was easier to talk about. Therefore, I agreed with Candidate A's (Madiha) point. However, Candidate D wanted to agree about my previous point and so we kinda had some 'argument' with him about it. Maa, he is a married man and also has kids, perhaps that's why he really stood up for that particular point. XD

Did I mention Madiha is awesome? She IS awesome. OhMeinGott I just love the way she talk. So confident, plus with the hand gesture. Verdammt, if only I can be like her. *sob*

Anyway, what past is past. I shall not look back at whatever it is. Get on with ma life! *punch fist to the air* 


  1. are doing fine ada . need no worries :P

    1. Aww~ Thanks darling. I do hope I got it right though. XD

  2. chillax ada! it just nervous talking ^^
    you're going great..
    no worries dear! ^^