Monday, 15 October 2012

Fic: Summer Love

A young maiden was seen near the lake that was hidden deep inside a forest. She was sitting at the edge of the lake with both her legs were dipped in the clear water, enjoying the cool liquid flowed freely passed her legs.

The sunlight slipped through the leaves and twinkled on the ground below. A light breeze played with the flowers and grasses that were there, causing them to sway gently from side to side. And there were couple of birds were perching on a branch, chirping to a happy tune.

“What a good day” She beamed as she kicked the water playfully.

As she was enjoying the nature while humming some song under her breath, a sudden rustle at the bushes near her made her jumped in startled. She looked around her wildly, afraid that something might appear out of nowhere and hurt her or did something bad.

The bush just behind her shook violently for a moment before it finally stopped.

She peered curiously at the bush, but her heart was thumping furiously, as it was threatening to jump out from its place.

“Eepp!” She yelped in shock when something popped out suddenly from the bush.

A boy who looked like the same age as her appeared before her eyes. She drew a sharp breath when she stared at the boy. Messy, black hair that fell covering one of his eyes, with a dark-brown eyes that had a mysterious shine in them, mesmerized her.

She snapped from her little wonder. Her lower lip pursed out, with her eyes narrowed, looking at the boy.

“Hi” The boy greeted her first.

“H-Hi” She stammered a little, a little shock hearing the deep, soft voice.

The boy sat down next to her, both of his legs already in the water, mimicking her. He leaned backward, with his arms supporting his weight as he looked up to look at the bright blue sky.

“Wh-Who are you?” She asked, voice quivering in afraid though she managed to hide it.

He turned to look at her. “Aren’t you are supposed to tell your name first before ask other’s?” His eyes twinkled in amusement.

“Oh- Oh. I’m sorry” Blush already spread across her rosy cheek.

“I’m Zack. It’s nice to meet you, Miss-?”


“Miss Adrin” Zack smiled.

Adrin blushed more. “Uh- Why are you coming from that bush?”

“I went for a walk to find this lake. Get lost. But I finally found it. Lucky, am I?” He grinned.

Adrin only nodded her head. She was still blushing. She didn’t know why in the hell she was blushing, but something in the boy that made her heart beat faster.

“You’re new here, Miss Adrin?” He once again began the conversation.

“A-Ah, yes. Come here to stay at my grandma’s home for summer holiday”

Zack only hummed. “You’re staying here until-?”

“Next week”

More hum coming from him. Adrin kicked the cool water softly, trying to distract her mind that she was sitting next to a good-looking boy that came out of nowhere.

“Do you love this place?”

“Pardon?” Adrin raised her eyebrow.

“This lake. Do you love it?”

“Of course!” Adrin already grinned in happiness. She kicked the water again, causing splashes that made her giggled softly in glee. “This place is really pretty. I only know about this place two days ago, when I was going for a walk. As soon as I looked at this place, I just got hooked. It is really pretty!”

“Glad to hear that you love it” Zack tilted his head, glancing at Adrin.

Adrin gave him her wide, happy grin. Then, both of them were having a conversation that was common like asking what they like, or what’s their life.

“Oh no!” Adrin gasped. “It’s already late!”

Zack only raised his eyebrow as he watched the girl quickly stood up, brushing the dirt off her sundress, snatched her sandal and ran off.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mister Zack! Hope we can meet each other again after this!”

She called out over her shoulder. Zack only waved as a reply before the girl slowly disappearing from his sight.

“Sure, we will. Miss Adrin Kazrina”


The next day, Adrin came again to the lake, and met Zack who was waiting for her at the same place like the other day. Again, they were having a decent conversation. Everyday since that day, they will always met at the lake and chatting with each other. Day by day, they knew about each other, and for Adrin, her feeling towards the boy gradually became stronger.

It was until one day, Adrin came to the lake with a gloomy look on her face.

“What’s wrong, Adrin?” Zack asked in concern.

She drew out a deep sigh as she plopped down next to him. “I- I’m just sad” She mumbled.


“Today is the last day I’m here. My holiday is already nearing the end” Adrin bit her lower lip. “I- I’m sad that I will never see you again” She choked out.

Zack went for a silent for a moment before he started to talk. “But I’ll always in your heart, right?”

Adrin sobbed quietly as she nodded.

“There. That’s all what you need. Always remember me”

Adrin wiped her tears away before she faced Zack. “Why are you saying like you’ll go really far away from me and will never meet me again?”

Zack only smiled as a reply. He took Adrin’s hand and he slipped something on her ring finger. Adrin blinked in shock as she looked at her finger.


“Always remember me, okay?” Zack rubbed his thumb over her knuckle. “I’ll miss you, Adrin”

Adrin blinked once again, this time to stop her eyes from tearing. “I- I’ll miss you too, Zack”

Zack only smiled and slowly he gathered the girl in his arms and hugged her gently. Adrin just gripped the boy’s shirt tightly as she buried her face on his broad chest. Zack just played with her raven hair affectionately as he wanted to calm her down.

Adrin sniffed slightly before she slowly tilted her head up to look at the boy. However, the sight that she witnessed made her eyes widen in shock and her heart stopped beating.

“Z-Zack?” Her voice shook in terrified.

The boy was beginning to be semi-transparent. He looked down at Adrin and gave her one sad smile. He gently palmed Adrin’s cheeks and rested his forehead against hers. Adrin was trembling slightly, suppressing her upcoming sobs.

“It’s time already. I’m sorry, Adrin” He placed one Eskimo-kiss on her. “Do remember me, okay?”

With that, he slowly let her go. Adrin could only watch as he gradually disappeared right in front of her eyes. Chocking her sobs, she curled up on the ground while gripping her fingers which had the ring.


It was already three months after her last encounter with Zack. The ring that she got from him was hung at her neck, as a pendent. Everyday before she slept, she would grip the ring while she was looking outside her window as she was wishing.

“I miss him so much” She mumbled softly before she slept.

The next day, she got ready to go to school just like usual. She walked slowly to her school, as she was not care if the bell would ring in just a moment and the fact that she would be late to her class.

She was too busy weeping to her own misery to notice that she was just about to collide onto a pool that stood there proudly, a few inches from her.

“You’ll crush onto that pool if you take one more step, Adrin”

A deep, soft voice that painfully same just like the person she was thinking about at that time came just behind her. She immediately stopped walking and turned back. Her eyes widen.


“Long time no see, Adrin” That person smiled, just like the smile that made her fall on him at the first place.

“Zack” She breathed out.

“Miss me?”

Without waiting for a second, she rushed towards him and tackled him, hugging him tight. Her face was buried on his broad chest.

“I- I thought you-” Adrin chocked slightly.

“It seems I managed to get back to real world” He chuckled softly.

A month after he disappeared from Adrin’s sight, he finally woke up from his comma after his dreaded accident which happened during his way to go back home after visiting their lake. He was being run by a car which didn’t even stop and left him lying on the road, near to death. Zack tightened his hug and planted one small kiss on Adrin’s forehead.

“I miss you, Adrin”

“I miss you too, Zack” Adrin replied softly.

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